August 8th, 2008 the Olympics have officially begun and Blizzard is celebrating the event with 2 really cool items which are attainable through the fierce and head-to-head competition of PvP.

For just completing a BG you will receive the Competitor’s Tabard.

If you win a BG you have a slight chance of having a Gold Medallion mailed to you. This will allow you to summon a very cool “Mushu-esc” Dragon pet. Unfortunately if your Battlegroup is as bad as mine, winning come about once in every 20 games /cry. Though in the true spirit of competition, I refuse to give up even if it costs me my sanity.

Hmm, too bad Blizz wasn’t thinking ahead on this pet. It would have been even cooler if you received an olive leaf crown which would allow you to summon the dragon pet, somewhat like Don Carlos’ Famous Hat. Blizzard you have 4 years to get on that.

Edit: Yay, I got my Spirit of Competition Dragon today. /happy dance