Tropical Storm Edouard made landfall today which means rain, rain and more rain. My husband assured me that the worst thing we have to fear is possible flooding but luckily our town-home is at a high elevation. Though one can’t be too prepared and he had me take photographs of all our furniture, dishes, and anything of value for insurance reasons.

Now back to the WoW: there has been a blue post made on Hunters which I found a little interesting. First on the plate:

The mana cost of new ranks is not just an issue for Hunters. We’re looking at lowering the mana cost of all new ranks among all classes. We also intend to do some improvements to Aspect of the Viper. Not to mention mana return mechanics in each of the tree’s (Invigoration, Rapid Recuperation, Hunting Party etc.)

This is nice to see since we’ve been complaining about Mana issues for a very long time. Blizzard has adjusted the Mana returns on Viper for the last few patches and I think it will be interesting to see these new changes.

We’ll be doing some improvements to Chimera Shot. We’ll experiement with it refreshing the duration of the sting instead of consuming, and adding some base damage to the shot as well. It should act as an Arcane Shot replacement, doing significantly more damage (especially if serpent sting is on the target).

Again, I’ll be interested to see these improvements. Since we’ve first learned about Chimera Shot there has been a lot of issues and questions about it: the fact that you use/waste more mana using it, is Chimera Shot disspellable and that normal stings are already disspellable so would it be possible to get Chimera shot off as expected?

Regarding Serpent Sting, we’ll bump the damage bonus you get from this effect up. We also want to make Serpent Sting more usable for Hunters.

I like this idea. Since I’ve been PvP-ing more, I’ve tried out Scorpid Shot on classes like Rogues and Warriors but to be honest I haven’t seen a huge miss factor by them. Again, I can’t wait to see what they have planned for this.

Tranq Shot will soon be able to dispel enrage mechanics (i.e. Warrior Enrage, Rogue’s Hunger For Blood, etc.). It should also be able to dispel Druids’ “Owlkin Frenzy” effect. Also going to lower the cooldown

This is very interesting since the shot only worked on 2 mobs. My question, will it work against Bestial Wrath Hunters and the new Feral Druid Talent, Berserk? What about the Demon Form of Warlocks? That would seem a bit overpowered in my book but do they plan on an alternate way of dealing with these new frenzy-type forms?

In addition, Tranq Shot will also be able to dispel magic effects, and we’re removing that from Arcane Shot.

And yet, another reason to use Tranq Shot. It would be nice if they will add some damage to this shot as too.

Explosive Shot is intended to be three shots in one cast. Imagine Arcane Missiles, but not having to channel it. The spell isn’t quite there yet, we’re still not sure if it needs the AOE or not. It’s not intended to really be AOE utility.

I’ve never played a mage so please correct me if I’m wrong, but when I am hit by Arcane Missile I see 3 bolts hit me at the same time and just me no one else. I can only assume this is what Blizzard would like to see with Explosive Shot.

We haven’t given up hope of fixing up your existing low-level pets.

Good news for those Hunters who have low level pets that don’t want to go through the grind of leveling them to 70. 😀

Though these changes are promising I still feel there needs more work for Hunters especially in the PvP world and I would like to see Scatter Shot a trainable skill for all Hunters. We have yet to see all our new skills so let’s keep our fingers crossed for something really good.