The earth says hello.

How is everyone doing? I am just peachy as I lay her in bed with my laptop drinking some coffee. Ahhhh~

I will say I’m enjoying my little break from WoW while I’m visiting my family but it doesn’t mean that I haven’t been keeping up with the news out there. In case you haven’t heard Hunters will have 2 more stable slots. Finally!! I always wanted a ‘tank’ pet but I never wanted to give up one of the current 3 pets I own. What Hunter did? Call us weird, but I think a lot of us become close to all our pets. Now I can experiment with many tank, or rather, Tenacity Pets.

Staying on the Pet Bandwagon, it has been confirmed that one of the exotic pets that you may tame with the 51-point BM talent is in fact a Devilsaur.

While the actual size after taming has yet settled on, expect to see a lot of these fellas stompin’ through a city near you. There has also been some buzz about another exotic pet, the Chimera, but that has yet to be tamed or implemented if true. I wonder if they’ll let us tame Hippogriffs or Griffins?

As it seems Blizzard is still hard at work on our pets. Whether this is their answer to helping hunters in PvP, I hope not. I would like to leave you with an interesting idea that I came up with while on my morning jog yesterday. In PvP, the biggest problem with Hunters is the fact that we can be locked down so easily. The only options we have of any escape from snares/stuns are Bestial Wrath, if you spec for it, and your 2min PvP trinket. We have other options such as our frost trap, Scatter shot, once again if you spec for it, and Wing Clip to keep people away from us but it’s not always fool proof. My suggestion, a new ability (or aspect) called “Roar of the Beast.” I figured since Warriors/Priests have a fear mechanism, why can’t hunters? It could be as easy as a 3 second, AoE fear which would push melee away in order to do what we do best, pew-pew from distance. It doesn’t even have to break a snare or a stun and it can be placed on a 3 to 5 min cool down. I think this would make a lot of hunters happy in the world of PvP since what we want is to keep our targets at range for as long as we can. We can wish, right?