It’s official. I have achieved most of my goals before Lich King has been released and now I’ve been hit by that nasty Warcraft Doldrum Bug. Pandas and I are still at work on our Personal Arena Rank for some new S4 gear but it still needs some refinement. While he and I have been stat crunching his healing stats, I’ve respeced back to Beastmaster for the time.

As news trickles in from those in the Lich King Beta, I find it difficult for me to be excited as a hunter. It seems Blizz has placed a large amount of time and effort into our pets, which is nice, but I still feel all our talent trees got the shaft. Even some of our trainable skills such as Bear Trap (a glorified entangling roots) feel a little lack luster. I won’t go into my thoughts and feelings about these since you can visit any other hunter blog or hunter forum and see page after page of people who are bummed with what it seems we will be given.

I also have this hunch that Blizz will try to throw us a bone with an annoucment that we will finally be able to tame more pets but it still won’t lessen the blow by our crappy 51 point talents. I’ll admit that I’ve played around with some specs but there’s nothing I’m in love with but some type of Hybrid Spec may be in my future if nothing changes.

Alright, enough with my personal hunter woes and back to the topic of boredom, what are some things that you guys are doing to keep yourself busy? Other than farming and PvP, I’ve noticed a lot of high instance pugs such as ZA, Sunwell and sometimes BT. I’m hopeful that maybe I can snag a place into one of these to see the world and some end-game content. We shall see how that turns out.

On a personal note, I will be out of town starting tomorrow through Sunday. Which means I may not have time to update until next week. Until then, I wish you all a wonderful week. ^_^