For years, Enchanting has been a profession where the cost to level out weighs the profit one can make. To make any type of gold you have 2 options: sell your enchantment mats on the Auction House or you can try barking in large cities for work. Even then you are lucky to even get a 5g tip from some people.

Before anything was set in stone, Blizzard mentioned the possibility of Enchanters able to sell their enchants on the Auction House. Thanks to a Beta-Tester and WoWInsider, we now know more on how this will work.

From the looks of it, an Inscription Crafter creates a special parchment designed for a weapon or an armor enchant. Next the Enchanter will simply enchant the parchment as if it was an actual item. Thus creating a Scroll of enchantment:

Ta-da! Place your scroll on the Auction House and no more barking for work! Thank you Blizzard for taking care of our Enchanting pleas!