But it could get better than this.

I’m talking about the ‘new’ hunter talents that are flying around for Wrath of the Lich King. Please feel free to enlighten me, but not one of these talents make me salivate the way Bestial Wrath or Silenting Shot did when Burning Crusades came out.

If you have yet to find these supposed talents, you can check them out at this link and granted these aren’t written in stone. /crosses fingers

I’ve seen various other talent trees out there and only one of them has got me truly excited. Unfortunately, they don’t match MMO-Champion’s or Wotlkwiki’s. We can only hope for something official from Blizzard which could be days, weeks or months away.

What I don’t like about MMO’s talents is the 50 point talent in each tree. If you go Beastmaster, you get to tame exotic pets and you receive 5 more training points. While this does bring more variety of pets to the game, I would rather have the ability to have 2 pets at my side.

Looking at the Marks Tree, Chimera Shot may look cool but in reality I think they fall short. If you PvE, most of those effects would go unnoticed (or be completely immune) on instance mobs. While Resilience from PvP would minimalize most of those effects. 30% insta-mana drain isn’t a lot these days, nor is a 60% damage reduction in the world of stun-lock rogues and warriors. Now a talent like Perfect Aim would fit very well in the PvP or PvE world. What hunter wouldn’t want an extra 12 yards plus the ability to pop off a casting shot while on the run? I also like the fact that this ability has the fact to pierce through immunity effects. Sure we would hear non-stop whining from the Pally community but they already have 2 bubbles. >,<!

Finally take a look at Survival’s Explosive Shot. As if the Hunter community didn’t take enough flack for using Multi-shot when there is CC around, now there’s a chance for any enemy in the 5 yard range of this shot to take fire damage every second for up to 2 seconds. So this dot will not only break any CC, but what is the point if it only lasts for 2 seconds? War Tool’s Hooked Net, though probably a little OP-ed, is still a better option.

Okay, yes I haven’t seen any of these talents in action and I’m just going off what is listed in the Tool TIp. I would love to see my original thoughts busted in Beta but does anyone else have any thoughts, feelings or concerns about these ‘new’ talents?

EDIT 7/22/08: The World of Warcraft Homepage a WotLK talent calculator. Seems like these news talents are here to stay in one form or another. for the above picture.