All right! The NDA has been lifted from Lich King! Now if only they’d release the new hunter talents and ablities! Throw us a bone Blizz!!

Anywho, here’s another list of cool stuff for us Hunters to look forward to:

  • All pet families now have one unique ability. New abilities have been added for families such as bears and sporebats.
  • Aspects now no longer cost mana.
  • Avoidance, Dash / Dive and Cobra Reflexes are now pet talents instead of pet skills.
  • Bite now has no cooldown, does the same damage and costs the same Focus as Claw, so works as a Focus dump.
  • Clever Traps (Survival) has been renamed “Trap Mastery.”
  • Concussive Barrage (Marksmanship) – Can now proc from Volley attacks.
  • Deterrence (Survival) – Cooldown reduced to 3 minutes, and now also increases your chance to resist spells by 60%. Now has a new spell effect.
  • Every hunter pet can learn Growl, Cower and either Bite or Claw (never both).
  • Hunter pets can now learn talents in one of three trees depending on family. Pets gain talent points starting at level 20 and earn an extra talent point every 4 levels.
  • If a hunter tames a pet that is more than five levels beneath than the hunter’s level, then the pet jumps to five levels beneath than the hunter’s level.
  • Improved Feign Death (Survival): Now also reduces damage taken during Feign Death by 15/30%.
  • Loyalty, Training Points and the hunter Beast Training button no longer exist. Hunter pets can now learn all skills at their level. They will get new ranks automatically as they gain levels.
  • Master Tactician (Survival) – Chance to proc increased to 10%, up from 6%.
  • Monster Slaying (Survival) and Humanoid Slaying (Survival) has been combined into “Improved Tracking”.
  • New Talent – Improved Tracking (Survival) – Increases all damage done to targets that are being tracked 1/2/3/4/5%.
  • Steady Shot now uses ammo. In result, its bonus damage has been slightly reduced. Players can notice a damage increase based upon what ammo they use.
  • Surefooted (Survival) now reduces the duration of movement impairing effects by 10/20/30% (instead of resist % chance).
  • Trap Mastery (Survival) has been removed.