Floating around on the interwebs today is Blizz’s new Lich King announcement of the Achievement System.

With this new system you can show other players just where and what you’ve done within the world. With 500+ personal achievements from PvE to PvP content, professions and personal achievements Bizzard assures us, “there is something for everyone.”

Here’s a small preview of achievements I copied from the link above:

  • Player-vs.-Player:This includes arena, battlegrounds, and world player-vs.-player objectives. A few examples:
    • Hot Streak: Win 10 ranked arena matches in a row.
    • Alterac Valley All-Star: Capture graveyards, towers, and kill the enemy leader all in one game.
    • City Defender: Kill 50 enemy players in your faction’s capital cities.
  • Dungeons and Raids: Every end boss of every raid and dungeon in the game grants its own achievement. Future achievements in this category may include ones for completing a run without any player deaths, with fewer than the maximum number of players, or within a certain time limit.
  • Professions: Advancing to each tier of mastery in a profession earns you an achievement, and there are specific achievements for secondary skills (with major professions to follow).
  • Quests: Quest-based achievements include completing a certain number of quests and completing specific quest lines. This category contains zone-specific subcategories.
  • Events: Seasonal events such as the Midsummer Festival, the Lunar Festival, and Hallows’ End have specific achievements of their own.
  • World Exploration: You’ll earn achievements by exploring each zone in the game — and get meta-achievements when you fully explore a continent.
  • Reputations: This set of achievements includes attaining exalted reputation with each faction in the game.
  • General: These achievements tend toward the whimsical, including getting a shave and haircut (a new feature of Wrath of the Lich King), obtaining a certain number of tabards and vanity pets, falling from a great height, and more.

Special thanks to MMO-Champion.com for the above picture.