A few members of my guild have the Badge itch. So, what better way to grind through Badges than to run Karazhan?

/em grabs extra ammo and cooks up food for Kiba and myself

“Oh Wulf?”


“You’re going to tank for us, right?”


/logout Wulf

/login Foxx

Okay now I’m tanking Kara and I’m a little nervous. I’ve tanked other instances before, even a few heroics, but I have that feeling like I’ve just been called up from the minors to play in the big leagues. The nice thing is that I’m with my guild and they know I haven’t tanked Kara before. So if I was to make any mistake they would be very forgiving (unlike a PuG who would probably want my hide).

The 10 of us get into Kara, buff up and wow… I have 18k health in bearform!! Nice!!

First pull in Kara, I find that I’m fighting for aggro with a hunter’s pet. Boy, that’s annoying – lol. Over Vent I ask our hunter to turn off growl (now I even sound like a tank), he apologizes and quickly turns it off. Now I can do my job – rar!

Our run was short, but we were able to 1 shot Attumen, Moroes and Maiden. Most importantly no wipes. All in all, tanking Kara wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be. I had a great group behind me, wonderful healers and a good teacher who showed me which mobs needed to be marked. Now that I have the confidence to tank Kara I look forward to do it again. Or at least show the ropes to another tank so he can take over when I want to run Kara with Wulf.