Just when I was wondering when my Blizzard Authenticator would get here, it appears in my mailbox today!! So, if any of you are curious about the set up process for it don’t worry. It’s incredibly easy.

Inside the mailer, there is a little insert with a URL to visit to set it up. Though all you have to do is log into your account through the blizzard website, click the Blizzard Authenticator link and it takes you to a page where you type in the serial number which is on the back of your Authenticator. Once that is done, you log into the game as normal but a new screen will appear after you hit ‘login.’

This is when you push the button on your Authenticator and it will randomly generate a code. You have about 30 seconds to type it in the box before it disappears. Once you have your code entered, hit ‘okay’ and you are logged into your WoW account. Easy-Peasy-Lemon-Squeezy.