Woo Hoo!! I picked up my Season 4 Pants and Bracers today!! /dance

Pandas and I went 7 and 3 this morning in our 2v2. He played amazing! I would never believe it unless I didn’t witness it with my own eyes but he soloed a BM hunter and his pet like they were nothing. Pandas played a great game of cat and mouse with the Hunter while he slowly killed the Hunter’s Pet with Moonfire. The Hunter kept chasing Pandas around the poles and laying down frost traps and Pandas kept the LoS up. I was able to him when a trap was dropped which allowed Pandas to simply swap poles to dance around. He kept his Moonfire up and used his Feral Charge when he saw the Hunter trying to resurrect his pet. It was beautiful.

I was also happy to see that my old/new Marksmen spec of 11/41/7 worked out really well. Granted some of our games took a while but that’s what we are to expect the higher brackets. Most importantly, we coordinated our CC very well and had constant communication going. If he was in trouble, I was able to help him and vice versa. The mistakes that were made we quickly recognized and we know what to do if we encounter them again. Plus, we had a great time with everything – much better than the first week of Season 4.

Unfortunately Pandas had no Arena Points saved to pick up his new healing pants, but I have a feeling that he will have them soon enough. ^_^

edit 7/11/08: Pandas and I played a few more games and we got our rating back up to 1575. He was able to snag is new season 4 bracers. Gratz Panda-Bear!!