It’s been about 2 weeks since my Beastmaster venture and I figured I should share with you readers how the experience went.

First off, I really liked the damage output from BM. Most of my hunter career I’ve been Marksman Spec and when I used to raid I was about mid-range dps wise. I can’t really say I was happy being mid-range but it never really bothered me too much. Though I don’t raid like I used to, playing as BM I saw a big jump in my overall damage output. It almost seemed too easy for me to be one of the top DPS-ers. I’m not saying that Beastmaster spec is ‘easy-mode’ more so I was surprised how fast and easy I was able to pick up and understand it better. Plus, I’m not a full-time raiding hunter so many of the groups I joined for some PvE fun were nothing more than green-geared pugs. However, if I were to go back to raiding – which maybe someday – I would probably go Beastmaster for it.

I was also impressed how much damage my pet put out. It sounds kind of noobish, but being Marks I tend to use my pet as a way of holding aggro so I can kill the mob before it can get to me. If I happend to pull aggro, I kite it around while my pet gnaws at its ankles. As Beastmaster I had the feeling I was fighting with my pet, not just using it as a distraction.

In the world of PvP, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Scatter Shot was my security blanket and I was scared and nervous to give it up. Intimidate was the replacement and essentially it is a pet version of scatter shot on a 60second timer, as apposed to a 30 second timer. Though unlike Scatter Shot, I did notice that Intimidate can be resisted.

Beastial Wrath was always fun, even when I first tried out Beastmaster to see what that talent was like. Nothing puts a bleep-eating grin on your face when you and your pet go into Red Hulk-mode and you see warlocks and rogues scrambling out of your path. It’s even fun to tear up other Hunters too.

What I don’t like about the Beastmaster spec I discovered in arenas. If a team is able to wipe out my pet, I was dead in the water. I even had 2/2 in Improve Revive Pet, but sometimes in 2v2 you can’t get away to for the 4 seconds needed to rez and heal your pet.

One surprising discovery was that I became closer to my pet. Yes, I know they are just pixels but still, there was some form of attachment than I had never noticed while playing Marksmen. When someone killed my pet, it became personal. >_<*

As for my Arena Teams, both my 2v2 and 3v3 did much better than the week before. Perhaps it could be that the 2000+ teams are starting to break away from us 1500+ teams, but whatever the case I was pleased with my performance as a Beastmaster Hunter. I even adapted to using a few keybinds for my attacks, which is a nice improvement for me since I am :gasp: a clicker!

Today I specced back to my old Marksmen ways but I’ve been reading plenty of Arena Strats on the Marks Spec side and I wanted to give that a try. But who knows, I could be back to Beastmaster by the end of the week, only time (and arenas) will tell.