Tomorrow is the last day of the Midsummer Fire Festival, which means you have 24 hours to work on those Burning Blossoms for cool goodies or to go head to head (to head to head to head to head to head) with Lord Ahune in the Slavepens!

If you have yet to do this it’s worth attempting at least once, but since this battle is considered a daily you can do it up to 5 times with your groupmates if they haven’t summoned him that day.

Killing Lord Ahune your first time gives you the opportunity to earn a pretty cool tabard, there are 2 to chose from. Ahune also has a few other goodies up his sleeve such as a series of capes: Cloak of the Frigid Winds, Icebound Cloak, Shroud of Winter’s Chill and The Frost Lord’s War Cloak. He also drops the Deathfrost Enchant, which Wulf picked up the other day, and the Frostscythe of Lord Ahune sought after by most casters. Ahune also drops a neato, non-combat pet Scorched Stone and you also have a chance of picking up some huge snowballs, which my guild is a huge fan of.

WOW Insider has a really great strategy guide which is worth checking out if you have yet to fight Lord Ahune or if you are having trouble with the fight itself.