The Blizzard Authenticator is finally out! Now you can protect your account from those horrible keyloggers and hackers.

For those that are familiar with SecurID cards, it works in the same way. If you aren’t familiar, don’t worry they are simple to use.

In a nutshell: First you press the button on the Authenticator which syncs your information up with Blizzard. The Authenticator will create a random number after you press the button. You simply type that randomly, generated number into your password and ta-dah you’re in game. The number changes about every 60 seconds, I believe, which prevents keyloggers from sneaking in and swooping your password.

I already placed the order for mine and I feel much more at ease. The nice thing about the Blizzard Authenticator is it’s well reasonably priced at $6.50 which is nothing compared to the time you’ve probably sank into leveling your toons. You can purchase them from the Blizzard Store.