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Have you been enjoying the Midsummer Fire Festival and all it’s activities? I have! In the past I never really cared for the holiday since there wasn’t much content to it, but now it’s right up there with some of my favorite holidays. This holiday has been a big buzz in the WoW Blogger community so I’ll try not to jump to far into the bandwagon and explain everything there is to it, but I will mention one of the quests which encourages some PvP adventuring.

Around each city, the Midsummer Fire Festival NPCs have set up little camps where you can take part in torch tossing, torch catching or ribbon spinning. In each camp there is a large pyre in celebration of the flame which burns hot and bright. If you click on the pyre of your own faction, you will collect 5 Burning Blossoms which you can use to buy Festival goodies. However, if you just happen to come across your opposing faction’s flame, you can desecrate their flame earning you 10 Burning Blossoms and a buff. Though it may seem simple enough, there is a slight catch. One you click on the enemy’s flame you become PvP flagged. Dun-dun-daaaa!

This allows the enemy to defend their flame from any intruders since keeping your flame up and burning gives a nice little buff for the opposing faction in that zone.

Normally you will may not see any action other than from some NPCs who may chase you away, but the real fun begins if you try to snag the flames from inside the capital cities! These Holiday Pyres burn so hot they appear blue in color.

If you manage to snag your enemy’s flame before players in the city find you, it will start you on a quest small quest to turn in the flame to your faction’s Loremaster. As a reward you have the option of some new summer foods that offer some nice buffs, different from the food cooks can previously make. Or you can go for the fluff items like the Handful of Summer Petals, similar to the petals you can throw on Valentine’s Day. Or you could opt for my favorite, the Firey Festive Brew that allows you to belch flames of fire.

Of course it doesn’t end there, if you steal all 4 flames from your enemy’s capitol cities you open the quest, A Thief’s Reward, which earns you a very special crown.

Granted it doesn’t have any special properties or have any special stats, but it looks great with the Vestment and Slippers of Summer. ^_^

Though I have yet to visit all the flames yet, I have heard that you can collect up to 300 Burning Blossoms. If you still need blossoms to buy our Midsummer Goodies, I found a very handy checklist from Elroy, which WoWInsider was so kind to post. So while there are a few days left of this holiday, go out and create as much mischief as you can.

Wolpertinger and I had a great time bull-rushing into the Horde capital cities. ^_^

Since we’re on the topic of fire, if you’re a fan of “The Office:”