Pandas and I dusted off our 2v2 banner and hit the arenas today. In a nutshell, things didn’t go so well. We faced a lot of hard teams that kept me locked up in close combat. Any hunter knows that close combat is no bueño. Pandas was frustrated as well, more so than me. I explained to him that Resto druids are “OP” because they can heal themselves, or anyone else, so fast and they take forever to kill. Even if you try to drain their mana they still have an Innervate spell to help them gain mana back. But Pandas still struggled with healing and got down on himself if he let a teammate fall – much like a goalie letting in a goal. I never blamed Pandas or ever yelled at him for not keeping me up. We are a team in every sense of the word. If he hurts, I hurt. If I’m mad, he’s mad. When we have fun, we don’t hold anything back.

We struggled through our games and ended with a 4 and 8 record, ouch. In the heat of the battle, it’s difficult to keep in mind that ALL teams have been reset to 1500 and we are probably facing teams with a 1900+ rating. Halfway through our games Pandas was so frustrated he decided to respec back to Feral. Having his Feral buff was a nice boost in my damage, but I do miss him playing Resto.

On the flip side, I took a look at myself – checked my gear, enchants, gems and I just didn’t understand what else I could do for more damage. Other than not having the Season 3 bow, I didn’t see much difference between me and some of the top-rated hunters in arena who are also Marks. For the last few weeks, I’ve mulled over the thought of trying out BM for the first few weeks of Arena, but unlike my last BM venture I would give it a 2 or 3 week trial to see how I liked it.

After our depressing defeat in Arena – I bit the bullet and respeced to Beastmaster. It still feels a little weird, I miss my scatter shot and silencing shot and there’s some getting used to the timers of intimidation and beastial wrath. Though I am impressed with the damage I’m doing. In the few BGs that I ran, I was always in the top 3 in damage.

Pandas has respecced back to Resto and plans to spend a more time in the BGs to work on some more PvP Resto Gear. While, I’m still getting the feel for my new spec.