Happy Season 4 day!! Have you picked up your new PvP gear yet? I sure did!! I didn’t waste any time picking up Foxx’s new chest piece, helm and weapon. Her stats are pretty fierce in Kitty form, over 3000ap and almost 40% crit…me-owwww!

Wulf finally picked up the Merciless Gladiator’s Crossbow of the Phoenix and slapped on the crit scope I had waiting in my bank. I lost a little AP but gained more Stamina, Resilience and Crit – all so important in PvP. I also picked up the Season 4 neck and belt for Wulf, but I may hold off a little on picking up my Season 4 gloves. Pandas and I are going to start 2v2 again in the hope of getting a personal rating of at least 1600. If I can save my arena points in theory I should be able to buy 3 pieces of Season 4 gear when our rating allows for it.

If you’ve been living under a mushroom, Blizz has placed arena ratings on most Season 4 gear, including the battleground gear like the boots, bracers and rings. The only items that don’t require a rating are the Season 4 gloves, belt, necklace and trinkets. Oh.. and offhands like wands or throwing weapons. AND for the record, the Hunter “stat sticks” have a rating of 2050 on them too. /snort

Yeah, that cheesed me off some especially when it was confirmed they were not going to require a rating. Thanks Blizz. And since I’m on the topic of cheese, another thing that cheesed me off today was the person spaming in the trade chat, “375 enchanter in IF…willing to enchant your welfare epics.” /growl

I really hope he didn’t get any business today. I think it’s plain rude that some “elite” raiders feel that way about pvp gear. Us PvPers work as hard as you guys do to earn our gear. Granted in a BG you are guaranteed a token, whether it’s 1 or 3, but aren’t you “elite” raiders guaranteed some type of drop after raiding for weeks or months on end? My guild mates and I got onto an interesting discussion about this during an AV. We’re tired of being looked down upon by those who are in good raiding guilds that can see a lot of end game content. Our gear is just as good as yours, but our stats are tailored to our needs (for the most part) as PvE gear is tailored to PvEers. A lot of my guild chooses not to raid, they find it very peaceful. As pointed out, they don’t have to deal with people yelling at each other, they don’t have to worry about wasting time being ‘farmed’ by mobs or waiting on selfish people who hold up raiding time or whine about loot.

We look forward to the coming of the new expansion and we hope Blizzard adds a little more PvP content and PvP rewards for those who enjoy that part of the game. I, personally, would like to see PvP ammo that would be on par with raiding ammo like the Timeless Arrows/Bullets from of the Scale of the Sands.