This all started pre 4.2 patch when Pandas and I became bored with the same ol’ Karazhan runs. At least you can earn badges now, but back then we were all geared out and going nowhere. Since leaving that guild, I’ve became quite the PvP player. I’ve suffered through a lot of horrible losses and had some pretty, amazing victories.

I can’t tell you how to play your class or even how you should spec. I’m sorry that I don’t have the perfect macro or a 100% guide to win every match. What I do have is experience and through that experience I would like to share some simple, and maybe obvious, PvP wisdom:

  1. Prepare before before you queue. Make sure to have enough ammo, bandages, spare food and water. You can’t always expect to have a mage place a table or even to get heals all the time.
  2. A little kindness goes a long way. “Please” and “Thank You” are wonderful words and you’re more likely to receive buffs, food tables, soulwells when you use them. I like to butter Mages up with, “Would any kind Mage be nice enough to put up a food table? I’d be forever grateful.”
  3. Be aware of your surroundings and use them to your advantage. In the battle ground zones there are plenty of trees, bushes, rubble and other objects you can hide in or around. You can use a low tree branch to hide behind and pew-pew (or heal) away before someone finds you. Some objects you can help you take advantage of your enemy’s line of sight to give you a few extra seconds to bandage/heal or prepare to use crowd control.
  4. Remember, people don’t have eyes in the back of their head. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of that too. Sometimes when people are caught up in battle they’ll go into tunnel vision and may not see you capping that flag behind them or where that Aimed Shot to the head came from right away.
  5. Be on constant look out. A quick camera turn behind you and to the sides will help you see if any enemies are around. If you’re a Hunter or Druid, Track Humanoids is your best friend. I use an addon which you can download from Curse called “BGMinimapPlayerTracker.” It will tell you the class of the enemy on your minimap when you mouse over their dot. This addon only works for Druids and Hunters.
  6. Don’t be afraid to walk to your corpse. Sometimes the rez run is the best way to avoid enemies or hold them off until help arrives (providing your body isn’t looted). Remember, when you body rez you will be at half health and mana.
  7. Yelling at people will get you nowhere. Calling people names only adds fuel to the fire of a frustrating or losing BG. Keep a cool head and politely ask or give direction. If someone is rude to you, you’re better off ignoring them.
  8. Break away from “Lemming Mode.” What is Lemming Mode? It’s as it sounds, when you follow your group around aimlessly killing things, too focused on what needs to be done and you follow your group to its wipe. I see this a lot in AV. People keep pushing Galv just to be repeatedly wiped by the Horde when all they need to do is to take Iceblood Graveyard instead. Don’t be afraid to break away from the massive zerg to explore what’s out there. You may be surprised when you find a graveyard unattended or you can take back a mine or release a Wing Commander. Or you just may find that perfect sniping spot.
  9. Explore all the talents and abilities your class has. I don’t care what any other hunter says, Track Hidden works like a charm when you know how to use it. Get used to throwing out flares and setting traps if you have a feeling a stealther is near. The repetition and practice of using your abilities will help you understand your class better and keep a collective head if you are jumped.
  10. Learn from your mistakes. Maybe you should have used Scatter Shot later or laying that Snake Trap wasn’t the best idea. It’s like my basketball coach told me, “Good, Better, Best. Never let it rest. Till your Good is your Better and your Better is your Best. Pssst, that goes for real life too.
  11. Give your healers a break. In the ideal BG, every dps or tank would have a pocket healer. Sorry, that just isn’t possible. If a healer doesn’t get a heal off on you, don’t take their head off. Healers do their best to keep you and 5, 10, 15 others alive too. And besides, you probably just resisted it. ^_~
  12. Listen to directions. If someone takes the time to type out a battle plan or make it a macro, the least you can do is check your group to see where you will be headed. I’ve been in more BGs than I can count where if the Alliance would just listen and pay attention – we would win.
  13. Know when to take a break. Losing 5 battleground games can put anyone in a bad mood. If you feel that mood swing coming on, take a break from PvP. Try some dailies or mess with an alt. Better yet, log out of WoW and take a walk, watch TV or spend some time with your friends.
  14. And finally, remember to have fun – this is only a game!