I’ve been doing a mad honor grind with Foxx the last few days. With AV weekend starting, I hope to get a huge chunk of honor knocked out so I can pick up some new bracers and the Season 1 ring.

Anyway, something happened to me during an AV that just shocked me to the core. I’m sure you’ve all seen it before in either PvP or PvE but when you witness it happening to you – it’s a different story. What am I talking about? The Undead racial talent of Cannibalize. For those unfamiliar with this racial, when activated it allows the Undead to regenerate 7% of total health every 2 seconds for 10 seconds. It will only work on Humanoid or Undead corpses within 5 yards.

Ewww.. only the Undead, right? /hurl

So after being ganked by a Gaive-wielding Undead Rogue in AV, I decided to spirit walk, or wisp in my case, to my body to avoid the Horde. Upon reaching my body, I see the Undead Rogue feasting on on MY corpse!!

I was so shocked, that I wasn’t able to get a screenie of the crime and I decided to recreate the incident. After I got over the initial trauma of what he was doing to poor Foxx, I may have let an “eff-bomb” slide off my lips.

You Horde are MONSTERS!!!! >.<! /shower off the carnage