Hell and fire was spawned to be released.

Today I had my first Magtheridon’s Lair run. Granted it was a PuG but I will take what I can get. I was surprised that I even managed to find one.

Yesterday I finished my 75k Honor Grind – AGAIN – after I bought the new Alliance Trinket for 40k in Honor. Now that I don’t have to PvP as much for Wulf, I can go back to running dailies and doing more PvP for my Feral Druid, Foxx.

As I was beginning my Shattered Sun Dailies, I figured I’d flag myself as LFG for Mag’s Lair just so I could see the channel. I’m hoping to run some Kara runs for Foxx for some badges or just in case a Mag Run starts. Lucky day, it did. I even managed to get Pandas and a few guildies of mine to join. As we searched for more players I made a stop to Iron Forge to pick up some mats to make a new Health Potion Injector, pick up my Agility potions and snag some pots and reagents for Pandas. It didn’t take long at all for us to get the required 25 men we needed and soon we were standing outside Mag’s Lair ready to fight.

Pandas says 'hello'

Clearing the trash mobs went super smooth with the one or two deaths that were quickly given the “ol T-bag” treatment. We finally get to Mag. Yay!! My first time coming eye to eye with him, and of course I’m hopeful to down him not only for badges but to finish my Trial of the Narau quest.

Our first attempt went pretty well. Everyone listened and we were able to get him down to about 75%. We spirit walk back, buff and prepare for attempt number two when someone pulls. Half of us wipe >.< We all get back up, buff, eat, med and. . . SOMEONE PULLS AGAIN! This time it’s a full wipe.

The Raid Leader gets upset but is fairly calm about it and simply warns “not to touch your mouse and wait for the count down. Everyone listens, the pull goes smooth but we weren’t able to get the channelers down fast enough and a few of them wipe the healers, the MT and eventually the rest of us. -_-;

The fifth attempt went awesome. We got all the way up to the wall shatter phase which, since it was our first raid for most of us, caught us by surprise. However, we did manage to get him to 24%. The raid regroups for our sixth and final attempt. We did well on the first 3 channelers but then those who were supposed to interrupt them forgot which slowed our pace down drastically. I died before we even got to Mag but the raid didn’t even get him down past 80% in our last attempt.

The raid leader had to call it but he was willing to attempt Gruul. Those who had to leave, and I was one of them. Personally I didn’t want to do Gruul and I had a pretty nice repair bill to take care of. Mag, I will see your dead body someday! I promise.

During the raid, however, I realized when switching from my PvP to PvE gear I wasn’t getting the benefit of my Meta Gem. After looking at my armor, I figured I should see what I could find in a belt with sockets. I noticed that Mag drops a pretty nice belt, but since we didn’t down him the next best thing was the Belt of the Black Eagle – and it’s craftable.

I returned to Iron Forge to see if there were any for sale on the AH, no such luck. I decided to check out how much it would cost to buy the mats which wasn’t bad. Plus, I saved myself about 300g since I had 10 Primal Airs sitting in my bank. Finding a Leather crafter to make my belt wasn’t too hard, plus advertising a tip also betters your chances. Socketed my new belt with a Glinting Noble Topaz and Shifting Nightseye gem but I still needed 1 more blue gem. Fortunately, I still had my Fiend Slayer Boots from Karazhan. I dusted them off from the vault and I threw another Glinting Noble Topaz gem into the red socket. This made my hit rating just over 9%. Yippie!! Now if I can continue to collect badges and snag the Shattered Sun Badge Bow, Crossbow of Relentless Strikes I’ll be a happy hunter.