As we all sing a happy little working song

It’s been long over due. I’ve decided to do a little Spring (or Summer) Cleaning on my blog. So what’s new? For starters, if you look under the “About Me” section, I have updated my personal profile.

I’ve also removed the individual Armory Links of Wulf and my other toons and merged them into a “Armory Profiles” link. Now you can read about my toons, see what they look like, and check them out through the Armory.

Also updated, my long list of Addons along with the links where you can find most of them.

Once the servers come up from their weekly maintenance, I’ll be posting a new shot of my UI. It’s really not much different from before, but just in case some of you may be curious.

One of my final goals for my blog is to upgrade my wordpress account in order to use the linking feature. Though that may be on hold for a while until I can land some work some where.