I broke down again and decided to use my Arena Points to buy my Season 3 helm. Now I have all the Season 3 gear I can possibly get, sadly shoulders are just a dream.

With people reaching high numbers these days with resilience I decided to go for raw power for my red gem. My crit is over 30%, I have well over 11k in health, so +20 AP gem sounded like the best bet. Plus I could spare the 6885 in BG points for it. Which means that I get to spend more time in the BGs getting my points back! And what better way to do so then BG Dailies!!

I queued for today’s daily, Warsong Gulch. After waiting for a few minuets I was brought into the BG and the Alliance is already charging for the Horde’s flag and vice versa. The Horde grabs our first and we are held up by the 2 Horde Defenders in their Flag Room. A fellow hunter grabs the flag and myself and a Warrior start to escort him down the tunnel. The Hunter asks the Warrior if he’s ready to grab the flag which he replies, “My gear isn’t good enough.” The Hunter keeps the flag and on a wing and a prayer he tries to get back to our base.

Of course we run into a gaggle of Horde as we exit, and a Tauren Warrior is holding our flag. I Scatter Shot the Tauren to slow him down while the Horde all jump on the Hunter. By now the rest of the Alliance has caught up with us and the healing game has begun. I see our Hunter drop the Horde’s flag which the quickly return. Right then, I make the decision to head into the horde’s tunnel to drop a frost trap to help slow their flag carrier down. I meet a Blood Elf priest inside who is frantically healing the Tauren. He throws a fear on me but I’m able to break it with my Alliance Trinket. I Silence Shot him, Viper Sting and Scatter Shot but it’s not doing much to slow him or the Tauren down. Then I notice that the Blood Elf emotes a laugh at me.

Wrong thing to do.

Aspect of the Cheetah and I push for the Horde Flag. Up the tunnel I go, I see the priest behind me on my mini map but I’ve put enough distance that he can’t do anything but chase me down. I snag the flag and head up to the second level to make my escape. I see more Horde following me now and place a Frost Trap on the ramp behind me. I book it down the ramp and there’s another hunter shooting at me but it’s not enough to slow me down. I meet up with some Alliance and they cover me as I head toward our tunnel. I get a Scatter Shot off on one Horde again, I Concussive Shot another, Wing Clip is my friend and our healers are actually throwing me heals. I make it to our tunnel with the flag still and I throw another Frost Trap down. It slows the few Horde that made it past and I see our speed boots are up. I’m able to grab them but a Horde Hunter hits me with Concussive Shot. I’m stunned but I use my Alliance Trinket again to get me out of the jam. I’m now flying up into our flag room and I hook the left to head up to the second level. The whole time I can still see that Priest who laughed at me on my Mini-Map and I hear a ping. The Alliance has returned our flag. Aspect of the Cheetah up and I make my break to cap – and I do. Who’s laughing now?

The Alliance worked perfectly the entire game and we were able to cap the other 2 flags just as fast.

/em gloat