With the smell of Season 4 in the air, but still aways off, I decided to pick up the ol’ Veteran’s Band of Triumph. Wulf lost a little damage but gained more crit, stam, and resilience. I also bit the bullet and snagged my Season 3 pants, which happened to be a HUGE upgrade to my Season 1 pants. I figure I have enough time to get my arena points back up to 5000, or close to, by the time Season 4 comes out.

Foxx is slowly gaining her PvP gear as well. I burnt most of her Arena points on the Season 2 Shoulders and the Season 3 gloves. Though it is taking a lot of getting used to the melee aspect of PvP, I’ve been grinding her through BGs as much as I can and she’s on a 3v3 team. Using Panda’s Warlock alt, Ropp, and Tae we formed a our new team, “Ropps Lovely Ladies.” Our “Oreo League” 3v3 team has added Tae’s Shadow Priest to the team and we had a good run of 8-2 for the week.

Besides asking him many questions, Pandas has given me a lot of pointers on being a Feral Druid and is a very good teacher. Through his guidance, Foxx was able to solo a Pally the other day. Here’s the break down of the scenario:

The Horde had just re-capped IBGY and I was on my way to help take it back. There were 2 Horde at the site and me and an another Alliance were able to over come one of them. We finished one off together and the 2nd Horde headed for him over me. I figured this guy could keep the Horde detained long enough for me to re-cap. What I didn’t realize how low health my comrade was and the Horde was able to finish him off pretty easy. What I did have, was my camera facing my back so I could see that BE Pally heading for me.

I jumped off the flag and got a few mangles in and shifted to Bear. Using my Feral Charge, Demoralizing Roar, Bash and a series of Mangles, I managed to get the Pally’s health down pretty low. In typical Pally fashion, he soon bubbled and began healing himself. Knowing I can’t do any damage with a bubble up, I shifted to my Cheetah form and booked it to the grave yard. This gave me enough time to throw some heals on myself and shift into Cat to Prowl. The Pally knew I was still in the area and began to look for me. I got my Pounce off and hit him again with a few kitty Mangles. Knowing his bubble was now down, I used my Maim attack – which puts you out of combat and stuns your target – and threw a nice fat heal on myself again. I shifted Bear, Feral charged him and I was able to finish him off in time to re-cap IBGY. Let me tell ya, the adrenaline was pretty high.

While I work on getting Wulf back up to 75,000 BG Honor Points, Foxx has a nice pair of Vindicator’s Dragonhide Boots now and I’m working on getting the Vindicator’s Leather Bracers. After that it may be time to save up for the S2 Druid Mace so I can buy it with points when Season 4 rolls around. While it seems I have my work cut out, I have been working on my Rogue, Wulverines, with Pandas’s Rogue, Wolpertinger. I just hit 35 while he just hit 37. There’s still a lot of learning for me with this new/old toon. I’m enjoying it, more than the shammy, and I’ll probably update you all with my Rogue’s progress.

And just for fun:

I’d love to see some one do a Warcraft version of this! ^^