My guild decided to finish our Karazhan raid last night and this time Pandas was able to join us. He was shocked at how well a PvP guild ran the instance compared to our old PvE guild. All in all it was a great night. We were able to down, Illhoof (no staff), Shade, Netherspite and Prince with only 2 wipes. The only SNAFU we had was during the chess event. Blizzard has changed it to stop people from running it themselves, I suppose and if you cancel or chess piece or your piece dies it transports you in to Curator’s hallway which means you have to run ALLLLLL the way up to the event. Well, a few of us were transported to the hallway and we weren’t able to get credit for the Chess Event completion because we weren’t in the area. GG Blizz. This mean that 6 of us were not able to loot the chest to get our Badges or even have a chance to roll on the loot inside. What a bunch of bull!

I put in a petition about the issue but never got the chance to talk to a GM about it. I did, however, receive an email stating that Blizzard is aware of this issue and they are working to resolve it. Will we get our badges still? Doubtful. Will we get the loot that was in the box? Probably not.

Despite that problem, everything went super smooth and Foxx was able to get her new badge item, Idol of Terror. Pandas tells me it procs A LOT, so I can’t wait to see that in action.

Good job last night, Union! I can’t wait to do more!!