Oh Karazhan how I missed you. Okay not really, but at least it’s worth while to run again with all this new badge gear. My guild, which is mostly PvP, decided to try and start running some raids starting with Kara. The good thing is most of the members have ran Kara in the past. At the time our Kara group started I was on my druid so she got the invite. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a good rotation of Wulf and Foxx for badges if we start running Kara more.

Our raid began late, not late on time just late. Which is fine with me and we had a really good group of raiders. We were able to down Horseman, Moroes, Opera, Maiden and Curator just under 2 hours with no wipes. I was impressed with the utility of Foxx as well. When my group needed DPS, I got to be Cat Form and people loved my Leader of the Pack buff. When I needed to off-tank, a simple shift to bear and 13,000 HP I was a mean, lean, off-tanking machine.

Foxx collected 9 badges and received some healing shoulders for my “healing” set – heh. I need about 5 more badges for my new idol, Idol of Terror and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to make the 2nd part of the raid so I can hope for the druid staff from Illhoof. Not to forget I could use the T4 token that Prince could possibly drop. Now that we can turn them in PvP gear, it would be nice to get a better helm that what I have.

All in all, I’m still a little undecided about Foxx. It’s nice having another 70 toon to mess with since Wulf is capped in all PvP BG points and Badges. Foxx’s damage isn’t that impressive in pvp but I have discovered my own little stun lock method. Though I’m starting to feel my old rogue tendencies returning. Don’t get me wrong, Druids are cool and have a lot of utility, but for those who know my gaming history you cann’t forget my Infiltrator past.

A part of me wants to start leveling my rogue again, but I realize that a toon like that would be nothing but PvP. At least Foxx has a chance to do PvE and PvP. What I may end up doing for now is to try and collect as much Feral PvP gear that I can to see how Foxx ends up.

I feel bad for Wulf, though. Until Season 4 comes out there isn’t much I can do with her except for weekly arenas, run some dailies and work on getting money. Come on Blizz, throw us a bone!!