So here’s Foxx. She has PvP gear, though it’s really not ‘geared’ for Feral Druids. GG Blizz.

On the plus side, she does 185 Resilience which is more than before… 0. Ropp and Foxx have been running 2v2s for gear and we had our best week ever, 7-3. We were pretty excited. And since Wulf is just about capped in everything PvP related, I’ve been working with Foxx more. She’s still pretty good at running flags in WSG and Eye. AB is kind of ‘meh’ and in AV she gets to run with the stealthers, which is neat but different.

I finally took her out of The Chosen Few guild this morning when no one was on. It was the type of thing that if I left when people were on, there would be some drama – somewhere, but if I left when no one was on, nobody would realize I left. Tonight I plan on getting her into the same guild as Wulf.

PvP is interesting as a Feral Druid. I get angry with Pounce because I have to be RIGHT ON my target for it to work. As for Rogues with Sap, it seems they can be a mile way from their targets to get it to work. Maim is awesome, I spam that all day. I’m not so good at shifting forms, bear still feels super slow to me but as I watch other druids, it just seems that bear is good for Feral Charge, maybe a bash, but that’s it.

Other than the faction PvP gear they released in 2.4, I’ve only bought 1 thing with my points, my Alliance Trinket. Now I don’t endure the pain of watching Foxx walk around aimlessly when I’m blinded or feared.

The interesting thing about being a Druid is after leaving TCF, I get a tell from someone asking me if I want a guild. -_- That almost makes me want to go guildless for about a week, just to see how many invites for guilds I can get. Today I even had an offer from someone to trade their 70 warlock and 70 rogue on a pvp server for my druid. Interesting but not interested.

As I run around on Foxx I sometimes get conflicted. Feral is cool but would I like Resto more or even Boomkin? I look at Feral and it’s cool but should I work on my 32 Rogue if I really want to play “sneaky-sneaky?” Or if I want to be a healer would I be better off just working on my Shammy to heal or even be a caster-esc toon? I know Druids are awesome and I respect everyone who plays them but I still don’t have the same love for that class as I do my hunter. Right now I feel that my Druid is only good at one thing…keeping my boredom while I wait for season 4 at bay.