I’ve been saving my badges again, or at least doing the best I can to earn them. Fellow hunters know, finding a good Heroic group isn’t always easy. Anyway, I have 45 badges saved up. My original goal was to get enough for the Bloodlust Brooch. However, since 2.4 Blizz put a stop to our Arena plan by using our alts to raise our personal rating. In talking with Tae’s fiance, he was telling me the S3 bow is really on par with the badge crossbow, Crossbow of Relentless Strikes.

Comparing the two, it really comes down to pvp stats and pve stats but I am looking for damage. Anything that will make my pew pew make people go, “ow ow.” The good news is I got a little damage bump from my new bow, Sunfury Bow of the Phoenix. I finally got to see it drop (imagine running Kara to Exalted + and never seeing it drop once, that was me) in a Kara PuG I signed up for. It wasn’t a full PuG being that me and one other were the PuGs of the group. I got 13 badges and was shocked the guild who invited me allowed me to roll on the bow against one of their hunters.

Anywho, should I get my trinket now or save up for the bow? It also sounds like Season 4 is away off still so I’m not expecting a Season 4 ranged weapon anytime soon. Plus we all know it will require some type of rating.