Happy April Fool’s Day! Play any practical jokes on anyone? Yesterday April Fool’s started early for me I think. Check out some wacky screen captures I got from the day before:


Yes folks, that is the real deal. Someone or some bodies decided to kite a Fel Reaver all the way from Hellfire into Shat. I was flying in from Nagrand when I saw the mechanized monster walking across the bridge before it fell. If a fellow hunter did that, Kudos and I hope you got a video of it.


Okay this made me laugh.. hard! Once again, I was hanging out in Nagrand with my homies, Pandas and Taetaonka. We were trying to get some action in between Arenas by running to Halaa. The Alliance out numbered the Horde greatly, but there were a few Horde who tried. This one guy, Mindless – an Undead, Rogue, must have felt it was his civic duty to emote everyone to death. Myself, loving to emote people as well, decided to play into his emotes with a few of my own, as you can see. As our Arena popped up we left Halaa (the break in the photos) and during our match I received a tell from someone. I didn’t read it all until after our match, but it made me and my teammates “LOL IRL” when I read it to them.

As for Mindless, thank you sir for flattering me by creating an Alliance toon to goad me. I am honored you took the time to do that, thank you. Oh.. and to pile-on even more, Tae says, “it must suck to have no friends.”