I have been doing a ton of PvP lately as you all know. You also probably know that I found a great group of PvP-ers who run preforms daily. But did you know they asked me to join their guild? Yes! It is nice to be wanted. I almost forgot what it was like to log on and have an invite thrown at me. Oh how I missed those days of feeling loved.

Anywho, I am one of the new members of The Union guild. They are PvP oriented as of now, and they are great-GREAT group of people. I felt welcomed into the guild from day one. Even Pandas has joined The Union too. Granted, I still wish that I could find a guild where I would be doing 25-mans raids, but I’m happy for now. Since joining The Union, I’m up to 100 BG badges in AV/Eye/AB and I’m working on my WSG. I’ve also managed to gain almost 50k in honor within the last month.

OH! Speaking of Home…check this out!!

See what I made? A hearthstone keychain!! ^__^ I spent about an hour working on it and I’m quite happy how it turned out. The keychain is about 2″ tall and is made from a sturdy, polymer clay. I mixed my own color combinations to get the same colors as a hearthstone from the game.

If you would like to buy one, feel free to send me an email at Wulf_2005@hotmail.com. I charge $10 per keychain and if you want something written on the back let me know. Don’t worry, I have very nice hand writing. ^_^ If you would like to have the Horde or Alliance Insignia on the back it will be an extra $5. They keychains will have a loop included to attach to your keys (not pictured) and each hearthstone is created my my own hands so no 2 will look the same.