Alright folks, today I’m going to talk about this wonderful Addon called Quest Helper. If you are leveling any toon, download this NOW and you will fly through your grind faster than you ever imagined. Even if you have a leveling guide, Quest Helper will half the time you would spend reading the guide.

How does this Addon work? It’s really quite simple. Download it from and add it into your Addons folder. When you open up WoW, it may look like nothing was installed. That’s what I thought at first too, but when I opened my map I was amazed at what I saw:


Go a head and click the image, I’ll wait. You’ll get a better picture of what Quest Helper looks like. Since I’m leveling my Shammy, she’ll be your visual guide.

Okay so what we have here is a guide to every quest Khyote picked up at Blood Watch. Quest Helper then places icons on your map where you need to go for each quest. If you are to mouse over the little symbols on the map, you will get a small pop up that tells you the main objective of the quest, like kill so many of this mob, kill this guy for this item or look for this NPC. The best part about this Addon is it acts like a little GPS tracker. Wherever you are on the map, it will tell you where to go first for your maxium quest traveling grindage. If you look closely you can see a line of dots, while this is just a screen capture, in the game these dots move in the direction you should be traveling. It really makes your quest running simple.

When you close your map, you are still able to track your quests through the minimap. Khyote is pointing to the little arrow on the minimap that tells you the direction you would travel next.


The little arrow also pulsates so you won’t ever get it confused with other markers on your map. If you mouse over that same arrow:


Check that out! The Addon tells you the name of the quest along with what you need to do. Rock on!

Once you get to your destination you will see an icon that kind of looks like a scary, pumpkin face.


That means you have arrived at your destination and it’s time to kill, what you need to kill for your quest. Once your quest is completed, the magical dots will guide you back to the NPC (if he’s closer than the next quest objective) which is symbolized by a question mark.


Booyah! The quest done and your magical Quest Helper arrow will guide you to your next objective. Rinse and Repeat, Profit and Ding! Khyote is level 21 after about an hour and a half of questing from level 18. I tell you all, this Addon is probably the best Addon ever and you won’t regret installing it one bit. Good luck and happy hunting!!