Yes, you Panda Bear! You get the MPV for the week with your quick reaction, cool head, and awesome healing in Arena this week!

arena.jpgHey lookie! I have an Arena tag now ^_^ But enough with with that let’s talk Arena. Pandas and I have been grinding Arena like “whoa,” and it’s shows. I’ve been saving my arena points for my Season 3 bow. It’s so close I can almost reach out and grasp it. Pandas has been running BGs with the new found preform I’ve been talking about and he absoulutly loves it. He’s a few points shy of getting his S3 belt and probably a week away from getting his S3 bracers.

As for Arena, we’ve been padding out rating by sending in our alts, to get our rating down to 1300ish then Wulf and Pandas get on and bring it back up to about 1450. Rinse and repeat. But there is a race for us to hit our 1850 rating now. Come 2.4 Blizzard is putting a stop to this clever way of raising your personal rating by basing matches on personal ratings if a team member’s rating is higher than the team rating. Eek I know! We need to hurry!!

This week provided a variety of matches and teams. We faced more hunters and rogues than ever and despite our rating all have been very good fighters. There are 3 matches that stand out above the 46 games we played.

Mage/Warlock Team – Win
We knew to take of the warlock first. Mage’s aren’t that difficult most of the time, but they are tricky with their sheeps and ice block. I would rather take a sheep over a fear/lifetap any day. Sheep spells at least can heal you.

These two players had everything orchestrated perfectly though. Our match was in Nagrand and they came riding out of the gates and split at mid-arena, dismounted and began searching for us. If we weren’t shadowmelded/stealthed they probably would have got a good jump on us. I opened up on the Warlock but he did his chain fear thing. While I’m running around like a chicken with my head cut-off I’m worried about my Pandas. He’s holding his own really well by throwing HoTs on me, himself and kiting them cheetah form. Just when I thought the fear was done, I would get sheeped, then feared, then sheeped, then feared.

I was so dizzy from wandering around not to mention I was spewing out every bad word I could think of. When I finally got to the point of diminishing returns, I told Pandas over vent “Now they’re going to get it.” As I was able to open up on the Warlock with my Rapid Fire + Trinket that boots my AP by 200 points. Warlock went down fast followed by the mage. We won, but I was still cussing them out.

Warlock/Holy Pally – Loss
Our first and only loss of our games for the week. The Pally was – I hate to say – awesome. There wasn’t anything I couldn’t do or Pandas to put this guy out of commission. I was viper stinging, he was cycloning while the Warlock was fearing/dotting us like crazy. When we thought the Warlock was going down, the Pally healed him to full health. It was starting to look like a mana fight when Pandas got separated from me across the arena in BEM. The warlock took him out. By then it didn’t matter what I dished out the the Warlock the Pally was able to keep him up. Pandas and I very bummed out that we lost this match. Even still, we both look back at that fight and try to think what we could have done differently.

Boomkin/Boomkin – Win
This is the match that earned Pandas the MVP award. He fought brilliantly. We were in the Ruins and nothing came up on either of or Track Humanoids map. We both assumed rogues. You know what they say when you assume… I pop out of Shadowmeld and Pandas stays stealthed. I’m putting up my flares and snake traps when wham, I have 6 tree turrets on me! I try to feign to try and drop some aggro in hopes that they’ll attack the next closest target, my cat. But three dump off me and head for Pandas. I see Wulf’s health get critically low and I tell Pandas “OMG I’m DEAD,” over Vent…but I’m not. He kept me up. I even stopped firing because I thought I was a goner. After realizing that Pandas kept me up, I opened up on the Druid he told me to go after. They went down fast and by now all the trees were gone. Still pumped with adrenaline we got the last Druid down. Holy schnikies. Pandas and I were laughing our heads off about the situation and how I thought we were done for. He was amazing! /bow.

Pandas for MVP! Pandas for MVP!

We had a great week of Arena, and we’re looking forward to another. And in case and of you readers are curious, here is a look at our stats:


It should be one more week of doing Arenas until I have enough points to buy my S3 bow, and if all goes well, we don’t have many more games until we get that rating we need.