“though I may not be Johann Sebastian Bach.”

Here’s an update on my guild situation:

The guild I’m currently with has moved on to bigger and better things. The possible raiding slot which I thought I had coming has been given to other DPS classes. Mostly to people who have left once left WoW and came out of retirement. Back burner, here I come. It sucks and I’m a little mad, but I can’t find it in me to really hate anyone for the situation. The guild has wonderful people, there’s no guild drama, and it’s just pleasant to be in. Which is more than likely the reason I am still in it. For the moment.

I have been actively searching for a new guild over the last month. I’ve became an avid reader of my server forums, I have applied to just about every guild who is looking for raiders and I’ve even thought about the server transfer thing again. Just as I was beginning to lose hope a few things happened:

1) PvP and Preforms. I have managed to get in really good with some great PvP players and I almost always get an invite to join them. It’s incredible how well the Alliance works together when they all have a common goal. I have done everything from AB, EotS, and even AV. I’ve even collected 100 badges already in all those BGs. All that’s left for me is to collect my 49 badges from WSG and even that has been going fairly well PuG wise.

Pandas has gone Resto, and we’ve been doing very well in Arenas too. Though we are still doing our “slow and steady wins the race” method with our personal rating I am under 150 points and 2 weeks away from getting my S3 bow.

2) I was contacted by a guild to become one of their raiding hunters, though they aren’t nearly as far along in the instances that I was hoping for. Will they be raiding Sunwell come 2.4? Probably not for a long time but they’re doing ZA, Kara, and starting SSC. I have a “heroic date” set up with them for Thursday to see if they like my DPS. If all goes well and they seem nice, this could be my new guild.

3) I was also contacted by an old guildie who saw I was looking for a guild. He noticed that I apped for the current guild he is raiding with and said he’s would or has put in a really good word for me with their GM. I haven’t seen this guy on in a few days so I’m not sure what is all going on.

So I have 2 possibilities, but lately I’m digging this PvP groove I’ve gotten into. I also like the freedom to come and go as I like and the PvP group I’ve been running with are on California Time. Which means they start late at night which is the perfect time slot for me since I’ve been logging on past 9pm server for the last few months.

But there is the part of me that misses raiding and so I’ve started a new character. Granted if I really wanted a raiding toon I could probably find a nice home for Foxx either as Feral or Resto. But I don’t want to tank/off tank and I’m not sure how I feel about healing. Foxx was only leveled to 70 because I thought Flight Form was so kick ass, and she could farm me herbs and ore for Wulf to profit on. So I decided to try an actual alt.

At first I didn’t know which class I wanted to play with so I figured I’d check out what I know I didn’t want to play. I know I didn’t want to be a cloth wearer. I played one for quite a while in DAoC and hated being 1-2 shotted because of my armor or lack of. Pandas let me play his Warlock for a little in the Arenas and dang if I could not get any kind of cast off without being interrupted by something or someone or some move.

I have a baby Rogue who’s been sitting at 32 for a long time. My friends who played DAoC with me probably remember how fierce of a Infiltrator I was, but when I moved to WoW I didn’t want to play the same type of class.

There was always that class out there that always kind of interested me but I wasn’t willing to switch factions to try it out. Yes, I am talking about the Shaman. What piqued my interested was I can still be ranged, like a hunter and I wear the same armor. Shaman can also self-rez (kind of like a poor man’s Feign Death) and rez fallen comrades (but with more effictiveness than my jumper cables). I get a Ghost Wolf form, so I guess that makes me my own pet, my Totems can act similar to a Hunter’s Pet, and who doesn’t like a character who can help with heals if needed? So meet the newest member of my pack, Khyote.


Pretty intimidating, isn’t she? Right now she’s almost 17 and I’m going Enhancement for leveling purposes. I would like to try Elemental when and if she gets big enough, but right now the jury is still out. My friend Tae has also began leveling a Shammy and is right around the same level so I have a leveling buddy. I feel somewhat guilty since there is probably a lot of potential in Foxx, but I just don’t want to be a druid. I’m only doing Arena with her to get gear so she can “look cool.” I figure when Season 4 gets out, I may have close to 5000 arena points and I should be able to pick up 3 maybe 4 pieces of armor. Once I get that maybe I’ll work in some PvP on Foxx but it’s very hard for me to stop the action with Wulf. It’s the class I know and feel comfortable with.

With all that said, we shall see how this adventure goes with my Shammy and of course I’ll keep you all updated. ^^ Aren’t you lucky? lol