The other day I decided to level up Foxx’s First Aid Skill and wow I had forgotten a lot of the steps as to leveling First Aid form 1-375. So here is another little guide, or reminder, for you all.

First off, leveling First Aid as you level your toon is the best way to go. It’s a secondary profession, which means you can learn it without the worry of it taking place of a main profession. All the secondary professions (Cooking, Fishing, First Aid) can be learned, while only 2 of the main professions can be mastered. Knowing First Aid, eliminates downtime of eating and conserves mana even if you can heal yourself. Plus they’re usable in combat unlike eating. However, if you’re like me and decide to level it once you hit 70, try to save as many cloth drops as you can. I only had to buy Linen, Wool, Silk and some Mageweave from the AH, Mageweave being the most expensive for a stack of 20. As you grind up your lower bandage skills you can always sell them back to a vendor for a halfway decent price.

To level from 1-375 took me about an hour, counting travel time. You start off looking for First Aid Trainers in any of the major cities. Can’t find the First Aid trainer, not problem. Just ask your friendly, neighborhood NPC guard and they will point you in the right direction. All you need to do after that point is talk to the trainer and now you know First Aid, level 1. To raise your skills, those who are new, simply create bandages. The first bandages you make will be orange to you. The more you level, the “easier” it is for your toon to create them and soon your skill will go from yellow, to green, to grey. Yellow means that you can still get skill up points, green means you can get them just not as frequent, grey means no more skill ups. To continue the skill up you must go back to your trainer and they will teach you the next bandage level.

147px-deneb_walker2.jpgYou can visit the First Aid Trainer all the way to 125/300. After that point you must purchase a book, Expert First Aid – Under Wraps, from either the AH for an increased price or from an NPC. Being Alliance I had to travel to Arathi Highlands and seek out Deneb Walker. He hides in Stromguard Keep, but not to worry. He’s on the “safe side” so hang a right when you walk into the Keep. Notice that bridge right above you when you walk in though, because you will have to cross that bridge to find Deneb – who’s hiding in the corner, to the right of the bridge after you cross it. Deneb also sells two more important books for your First Aid training, Manual: Heavy Silk Bandages and Manual: Mageweave Bandages, which will get you to 225/300 in First Aid.

144px-doctor_gustaf_vanhowzen2.jpgAt this point you will need to head off to Theremore Isle (again this is for Alliance only, Horde will be shot on sight) and seek out Doctor Gustaf VanHouzen who will allow you to train up to 300 if you past his quest, Triage. It’s pretty simple, you need to save 15 patients and not let anyone die. If 6 patients kick the bucket, you’re out of the operating room. Don’t worry, you can try it again. The important thing is to treat the patients in order of their medical conditions. Critical are first treated, Badly Injured are next and Injured are last.

Now that you’re trained, it’s a good idea if you have plenty of Mageweave and Runecloth with you so you don’t need to run back and forth to the Auction House picking up cloths since Doctor Gustav will train you at 240 so you can make Heavy Mageweave Bandages, 260 Runecloth Bandages and 290 Heavy Runecloth Bandages.

BurkoAfter hitting 300/300 in First Aid, now you can go to Hellfire Pennunsula, and look for Burko at the Temple of Telhamat. He can sell you your next book, Master of First Aid: Doctor in the House, which will allow your First Aid to reach 375. He also has the last two bandage books you will learn, Netherweave and Heavy Netherweave Bandages.

So there you have it. Another little guide from one of your favorite Hunters. I hope you find it useful when working on your own First Aid skills. Good luck and happy hunting.

Edit: Special thanks to Renei for the info on where to farm cloth if you don’t end up saving your drops. Check out this link.