A few nights ago Pandas was in Blue Screen Hell. Been there, done that. We were trying to get through our 2v2 Arena matches but we weren’t having the best of luck. He decided that he was going to try to reinstall WoW and hopefully that may help him some. It took him all night and part of yesterday but at 10:30 pm he was ready to give it another try.

We went 11-0 our first, perfect record, 2v2 run! Pandas is digging his new Resto spec and so am I. I only had one “OMG HEAL MEH” moment, but he had everything under control. We faced a LOT of Hunter combo teams, most of which were BM. And why is it any time I come up against any hunter in PVP I always feel it’s a p!$$!ng match between us. /shrug

Hopefully our 3v3 team will do just as good this week. Tae finally got her Season 3 robe too. ^^