Nice picture, eh? Looks a bit of some really nasty graphic/video card program doesn’t it? It’s not. ^^ It’s a lovely shot of a Paladin’s backside. Now you’re probably thinking, “how did you capture such an image?” NO I do NOT check out toon’s butts in game. >.<! This was during a Warsong Gulch run with my Druid. I had the Horde’s flag back in our room and me and a few others on defense were waiting for our offense to return our flag. We had finished a nice wave of Horde attackers trying to kill me and I ended up backing into a corner to med some. A pally was standing in the same corner so I mushed myself in as tight as I could. I guess he though I wanted to hide behind him so he mushed himself into the corner as well. Surprisingly, no one saw me right away and it was nice having a pally heal me as I mauled faces in bear form.


I was able to capture 2 flags in the BG but the Horde ended up winning 3/2. /sigh