Sunday I had a chance to do some PvP with my good ol’ buddy Pandas. With it being Warsong Gulch Weekend, we decided to do a few runs before he had to head out to work. Pandas is also trying out a new spec, Resto. We had the chance to test it out with a few 2v2 Arenas and he did really well and he doesn’t have the Resto gear most Resto Druids have. The important thing is Pandas seems to like his new spec.

Anyway, Pandas and I group up for some WSGs. We played 3 games and shockingly we won all three – and they were PUGs to boot! The Alliance worked perfectly together, while Pandas and I coordinated our attacks and defenses. He or I would run for the flag while the other stayed back to scout the best escape route. It worked like a charm.

All the games were very intense and each WSG was actually worth the play time. My favorite war story of all the battles happened when the horde was on the move toward their flag room with our flag. The Alliance was doing everything they could to slow and kill their flag carrier, however, the Horde healers were doing an awesome job of keeping their teammate alive. I am in the cubby of the Horde’s hallway laying frost traps, scatter shots and everything else I can to help take our flag back, when suddenly the Horde capture their flag back. >.<* GASP!! We can’t let them capture our flag!! Suddenly the speed boots spawn right next to me. I cast my Aspect of the Cheetah, snatch the boots and beat everyone up to their flag room. Sweet! No one is guarding the flag room either they’re ALL in the tunnel!! I click the flag and head off into the sunset. Pandas yells “Good job Wulf” over our Vent channel and I give him my location where he and a few other Alliance escort me back to our base. We manage to make it back Horde free and I go into hiding with the flag. Pandas is my personal body guard. I have my Aspect of the Beast, to prevent any Hunters finding me and then I see on my mini-map (how I love track Humanoids) the Horde have infiltrated our base. I can tell they are looking for me by the way the red dots are buzzing all over the mini-map, but can’t find me. Next I hear “PING” and read that we have recaptured our flag. Pandas yells at me to hurry and cap and I dash off as fast as my Cheetah Aspect will take me. I can see our flag sitting there but there are a bunch of horde just about to take our flag again.. I jump from the 2nd level…our flag is waving in front of my face..CAPTURE HERE I COME… OH CRAP!!! I miss it by a millisecond. Wulf lands with a thud and is clutching onto the Hordes flag as she watches her own flag take off down the tunnel. =Gulp= She is greeted by a few pairs of kitty and bear claws, a couple daggers and a nice, large, 2 handed Axe. Ouch. Hello Graveyard!

The Alliance was far from giving up and with everyone working so well together we eventually got our flag back. Plus, we were able to return the Horde’s flag to our base. Go-Go Alliance!!

I can’t remember the last time I had that much fun in a WSG or the Alliance actually worked together as a team. And check this out!!


Yep you are seeing that correct, I hit the top of the damage charts!! /flex Good times.

Unfortunately, Foxx is the toon I should be PvPing since she really needs the gear. But I am a hunter at heart and I love my class! These 3 battles were worth every second!! Foxx, we will work better on getting you some PvP lovin’z.