druidgo2.jpgMore adventures from Warsong Gulch! I decided to do some dailies with Wulf last night. My goal is to get about 5k in gold before the next expansion. Seeing how there is no release date, I feel this is pretty plausible. I can knock out about 5 dailies in less than an hour – Cooking, BEM Crystal, BEM Nether Rays, BEM Bombing and the Skettis Bombing quests giving me about 50g. Not shabby. I’ve also started farming Motes of Air in Nagrand which takes me about 15 min to make 2 good passes around the area. If I can net myself 1 Primal Air I can sell it for about 24g on my server.

If I’m feeling froggy, I’ll sometimes sign up for the PvP daily and yesterday it just happened to be WSG during WSG bonus honor weekend. Knowing the luck I had the other day, I decided to roll the dice again and see if I could get a win.

Right off the bat, a person asks if anyone will stay on Defense with them. I don’t mind, in fact we all know that “offense wins games, defense wins championships.” As soon as I went on Defense, my WoW disconnects. OH NOES!! Three to five minuets later, I’m back in game, dead, but we the score is still 0/0. Perfect. I’m back on De, with a Rogue another Hunter and a Warrior. We do an awesome job of guarding the flag, plus two frost traps are so nice. There were a Druids who would grab our flag and shift out of everything we threw down. I ended up spamming my Wingclip as if it was Moonfire. A few times I even had to make a bold dash with my Cheetah Aspect on through fighting Alliance and Horde just to out run the Horde Flag carrier so I could snag the speed boots before he could. By the way – they don’t like it when you do that. ^_^

My best shot of the night was on a Warlock who tried to grab our flag. He has his pet, I had mine. This was really going to be a nice 1v1 fight. Cat was hanging out by the ramp hallway with a frost trap while I hid in the small cubby of the flag room. Cat goes into attack the Warlock but he’s doesn’t have time to cast anything. I run into the main room and I hit him with my Scatter Shot. My pet returns to my side and I line up my Aimed Shot. BOOM. Warlock is down and out for the count!

The entire battleground had to have lasted an hour, but we won! And Wulf had a whopping 914 Honor + 11g for finishing the Daily. Sweeeeet. Next up was Foxx. Could I be as lucky?

First WSG Foxx gets into, we are down 0/2 and the Horde just snatched our flag. /sigh I at least try to cause some trouble by taking their flag but I didn’t get far. Horde wins. Though I did get 83 bonus Honor. Since that BG only lasted about 60 seconds I decide to try one more. Fresh start.

Before our BG starts, someone yells “can we please win this.” If only I had a silver for each time I heard that. We start off the gate and all charge the Hordes base as they charge ours. No one has left any defense. I bolt up the ramp ala kitty form where I meet a hunter at the Horde’s flag. She lets me grab it. I bolt out the top entrance close to their graveyard. I can see them heading straight down the middle of the field so I strafe walk behind some of the large tree stumps to hide myself. They don’t see me. I book it for our tunnel guarded by another druid and a pally for heals. The Alliance Zerg that was behind me bee-line for the Horde to return our flag – I cap.

Next run, I head up the Horde’s tunnel. This time there is plenty of fighting going on midfield. They have 2 people guarding the flag room this time but the Speed Boots are up. I grab them and sprint for the flag. Before the two guards realized what was going on I’m out the door. A Troll BM hunter who just happened to have rezzed in the grave yard sees me and sends his pet in. I get stunned by their pet and next thing I know there’s a red kitty clawing at my back. Shift from Cheetah to Cat and hit my sprint. ZOOOOM but the Hunter is still close. I can feel the arrows pelting into my backside and I’m slowing down due to his Concussive Shots. I MUST press on!! I get to midfield where I am charged by a Orc Warrior and now a Blood Elf Mage is on me. I shift again to Bear but I am out of health. Horde returns their flag to it’s base.

I’m not giving up and the Horde is still preoccupied in midfield. I charge up the tunnel this time there are no guards. I take my first escape route out the 2nd door via their graveyard again. This time my teammates see me and hold the line while throwing me heals. I’m shifting between Cheetah and Cat to keep up my speed I make it into our tunnel where some more of my teammates stop the horde who are whacking away on me. By now I’m in Bear slowly inching my way up to our flag room when I notice the Speed Boots are up on our side. Thinking quickly I grab them and race to our flag to the capture. Alliance 2-0.

Now the crowd is cheering. “Go Go Foxx.” I yell to my comrades “Just one more guys – let’s do this.” Everyone is pumped. I go in for the winning flag cap. Once again, no Horde are defending and the Speed Boots, Horde Side, are up. I stealth into the flag room grab it and this time I head out the tunnel, making sure to grab the Speed Boots. I fly out of their tunnel and as soon as the Boots wore off I’m shifting Cheetah. I see the Horde mob with our flag being held up by the Alliance who are working so hard to stop them. The fight is right at the the tunnel entrance and someone yells “DON’T GO TUNNEL.” Alright – sounds like a plan. I look to see our ramp is clear, for the most part. I see a Horde Mage who is low on health and another who is being held up by an Alliance. The only choice I have is to book it for the ramp. I shift again back into Cat so I can try to one shot the Mage, but someone else takes care of that for me. I shift back to Cheetah and another Horde Mage is trying to slow me down. Now comes the shifting game – which I’m getting pretty good at. Finally I make it to the main room of our flag room and I see our flag still on it’s post, waving proudly. I see “GG” in our battleground chat and I capture the Horde Flag for the final win. Alliance 3-0. And since they say, “If you don’t have a screen shot it never happened,” here is your screenie.


Special Thanks to the artist Tigon on DeviantArt for the WSG Druid illustration. I modified the original some, but 99.9% of credit goes to Tigon. Go and check out his/her site.