Our 3v3 rating. Ouch!

Last night Pandas and I were running some 2v2 when our good friend Tae logged on. Next thing I know we are queuing up for our 3v3. We were doing decent and had just reached 1344, a good leap from our first week, but we decided to try to get it to 1400. Big, bad mistake. All the easier teams suddenly disappeared and we were coming up against some tough groups and they put the smack down on us. Then there were the games that we SHOULD have won, but Panda’s computer decided to freak out on him. I remember one game in particular where we managed to take one of theirs down and their shadow priest was hanging on by a thread. Tae was out and the shadow priest and I were in a heated battle. I saw Pandas throw a heal but then he just stood there. I’m calling out over vent “PANDAS? OH NO PANDAS!!” and he disconnects and we lose. Oh nuts.

It’s not like we have a bad make up either. Granted it’s not the ideal team, but we have 3 DPSers, one who can tank and throw heals and our fire mage. I’m telling you a Pyroblast to the face is not fun. I’ve been on the receiving end of that. Don’t forget we have 3 types of CC – Cyclone, Ice Trap and Sheep. Though, I think our biggest issue is gear. Wulf is geared out pretty well in Season 3 gear already, and what I lack in S3 I make up for S1. However, I realize now that after a few pieces I should have set my sights on a new weapon. Even if I managed to get the Season 2 crossbow, I would see a huge jump in my DPS.

Pandas is now starting to get a few more Season 3 gear and he’s working on Eye of the Storm for Honor to get his bracers, belt and boots. He recently picked up his S3 pants an noticed a HUGE difference in the damage he can soak up. Pandas is loving it. I have a feeling once he gets his Season 3 BG gear he will be even more unstoppable.

But poor Tae doesn’t have 1 piece of arena gear, which makes her extra squishsy. Next week she plans on getting her S3 robe, so it’s a start!

Our 2v2 seems to be going well though. Granted if you check out our team rating you’d give me a wtf? look – but check out that hawt personal rating. ^_~ That’s what it’s all about. I’m hoping in about 6-7 weeks (groan) I’ll be able to get my Season 3 bow.