Here we are, 4 months after joining my current guild. I am still at recruit rank and I’ve only been on 2 raids. One was in Gruul’s Lair and the other was Doomwalker. I am lucky enough that I received loot from both raids, though I want more. I want to raid 25 man instances, I want the experience I can get by working with 24 others, I want the fun and adventure, and of course I wouldn’t mind some of the loot either. Most of all I want to see bosses like Lurker and Hydros not just hear about them.

It has been about 6 maybe 7 months since I’ve been on an actual raid and the withdrawal has set in. I can only do so much PvP before I’m burnt out. I finished leveling a toon which was started years ago and I am beginning to have thoughts of starting another. That’s not good. It means I’m bored. It’s starting to feel that I’m trying to breath whatever life I can into WoW to keep going. I don’t want to quit, but if nothing happens…I just don’t know.

Since my guild’s recent venture into BT now, I’m feeling that I’m not going to be seeing the inside of any 25 man instance soon. I’ve decided that I should start looking in the hopes of finding a new home that I can raid with. I’ve applied t0 4 guilds and no luck. Yesterday I took a drastic measure and posted on my servers forms, I felt like I was feeding myself to the wolves. As of yet, no nibbles or flames.

I know if I really want to start raiding, I have a better chance on my druid my hunter /cry. I see guilds who are looking for Feral Druids and/or Resto Druids. The fact is, I can’t see myself as a healer and though being Feral is cool, I don’t have the same passion as being a Druid as I do a Hunter.

Am I being forced into a world of nothing but PvP with my hunter? I hope not.