One of my favorite hunter blogs, BigRedKitty, has posted 2 really nice videos for anyone who ever wondered how to do a jump-shot. For those of you unfamiliar with this move, every hunter should know and understand how to do. Where was this movie when I was trying to figure the jump-shot out for my epic bow quest? lol ^_^

I did figure out how to do the jump-shot eventually. Being the button pusher I am, there was a bit of a challenge of learning this skill. I ended up having to program the side buttons on my mouse to the jump key. I practiced running with the two mouse buttons while I hit my mouse jump button and spun my camera around. It took a lot of practice before I felt comfortable. Once I had that movement down, I then had to practice using my keyboard to get off my shots. It felt very foreign at first. Though, the more I worked at it, the more comfortable I became with it.

Thank you BRK for the great explanation and videos! Without further adieu, the videos: