I quested, farmed ores and herbs, sold any green and blue loot which dropped during my encounters. I also transferred some money from Wulf over to Foxx and this helped me gather the 5k in gold that I needed for my epic mount. It also means I can get my epic flight form too! So, I began my Epic Flight Form quest on Monday night. It’s much easier than the Hunter Epic Bow/Staff quest ever was. Anyway, for those who are interesed or have druids wanting to start their quest here is a short, but sweet, walkthrough.

The quest for your epic flight form begins in Moonglade from the Druid Trainer, Loganaar who will ask you to seek out Morthis Wisperwing in Cenarion Refuge, Zangarmarsh. Morthis will send you on a quest to then gather 10 Ancient Lichen, 10 Dreaming Glory and 10 Bogblossoms – those little plants you see on top of the large mushrooms on Zangarmarsh.


While doing this quest, I learned quickly that the Bogblossoms can explode upon picking them and send you flying back. You take no damage but thank goodness for instant flight form.

After this quest you need to port back to Moonglade and head over to the Stormrage Barrow Dens and look for Druid Clintar Dreamwalker.


This is a fairly easy escort quest. Keep heals Clintar and grab any aggro before he does. The only thing I hate about escort quests is how slow they all walk.

Once this quest complete, we head back to our buddy Morthis at Cenarion Refuge who will then send you out to Evergrove which is in Blade’s Edge Mountains. The NPC you’re looking for is Arthorn Windsong. She’ll ask you to the Vortexx Pinnacle and kill a Aether Ray for it’s eye. If you’re doing the BEM Ogrilla quests, you are already familiar with the area and these mobs. It’s quite easy, kill a ray, get the eye look for the ghost Akaorra Spirit, Sai’kkal the Elder, he’ll give you the book Arthorn wants and you’re on your way.

Arthorn will then ask for you to head out to Nagrand and look for Watcher Elaria. She is a Tauren Druid who has a small hut right off a cliff above, Forge Camp Hate.


Elaria will ask you to trap a bird who will later on help you with a quest. There is a trick to the birds since they run from you when you get close. Root or sleep them (sleeping is the best imo) and simply net the bird. Easy-peasey.

When this quest is finished you will fly out to Skettis in Terokkar Forest. This is where you will use the flute Watcher Elaria gave you to summon the bird you netted. It takes a few seconds for the bird to get to you, be patient. The bird will emote some actions like “it will motion to you to follow him” or “cannot locate any fragments.” Important things to remember with this quest:

  1. Try not to search for fragments in high aggro areas unless you’re ready to fight off 2-3 akaorra bird mobs.
  2. You MUST be in Skettis. Hanging out were the water elementals are or the Skygard camp won’t work. I found the best place is the back part of the lake where the Warp Stalkers hang. They’re easy to clear, they will not BAF (Bring A Friend) and they’re pretty squishy.

After collecting the 8 Raven Shards you need, DO NOT do what I did and head back to Watcher Elaria in Nagrand. You are supposed to head back to Arthorn Windsong in Evergrove. When you meet back up with Arthorn she will send you out to kill 3 mobs in 3 different areas. These bosses are meant to use your strengths as a druid. Search out the stone statues that look like owls and you will summon the spirit mobs of the Eagle, Falcon and Hawk.

Your bear form is most effective for the Eagle boss, who will summon birds to his aid. Swipe is nice against all the mobs but not vastly important. Demoralizing Roar is highly suggested and once the boss is defeated all his summoned pets will despawn. Again, don’t do what I did and fly back to Arthorn who gave you this quest. Instead, use the whistle she gave you and a bird will fly to your side.


Through the bird you can talk to Arthorn and she will give you the other 2 quests. The Falcon boss is a straight up DPS fight, cat form. I had some troubles with this boss but only since I realized later on I wasn’t wearing my DPS gear. Luckily for me, there was a Boomkin there doing the quest as well. From this point on we quested together.

The last boss, Hawk, is geared for the caster druids. You can probably get away with going Feral but the boss is meant to be rooted and nuked. The Boomkin druid had a 12k Moonfire crit on the mob! Yikes!!

Once all this is done THEN you will head back to Arthorn Windsong in Evergrove, she will give you a very nice trinket and will send you back to Morthis Wisperwing in Cenarion Refuge, who then will send you to Azshara for a Southfury Moonstone. He tells you they are “rare” – but there’s only one place it can be (14, 47 Azshara).


Though it looks simple, keep in mind you are on a quest. As soon as you snag the stone, Rizzle Sprysprocket, a goblin Rogue, will sap you first, snatch the Moonstone and dive into the water. You are expected to jump into the river after her when the sap wears off and pursue her in your seal form. Rizzle will throw bombs in your path, which can easily be dodged, and she will try to ice root you. If she does, simply shift forms and continue. Eventually Rizzle will grow tired and give up. She hands the Moonstone back to you and back to Cenarion Refuge.At this point you are one step away from your Epic Flight form and you can already feel the wind in your feathers. Morthis wants you to head into Heroic Sethekk Halls to defeat Anzu. Make sure you have the rep or you will not be able to get in. Remember, since the last patch you only need to be Honored and don’t forget to pick up the key in Lower City. If you are all set in those two areas, now is the time to call in the favor of your friends or guild.

Anzu needs to be summoned in the chamber before the talon king’s hall (the room before the last boss in Sethekk). There is an object in the middle of the room which looks like a coat rack. lawl. It’s actually a talon which you will click to place the moonstone in to summon Anzu. He’s a fairly easy tank and spank but once again, this is your druid quest and you have use your druid skills through out the fight.


3 birds will spawn around the area Anzu spawns. It is your job to keep a hot on these birds at all times since they help your party. A rank 1 rejuv spell is perfect and very mana efficient. Also you don’t need to focus on the birds so much that you can’t help DPS down Anzu but just don’t forget about them.


Once Anzu is down, cross your fingers and hope that the raven mount drops. If it does drop, I hope you win it. If it doesn’t, better luck next time. Sadly, it didn’t drop for us. /sniffle

After Anzu has been slain, you head back to your old pal Morthis at Cenarion Refuge. He will train you in you Swift Flight Form and give you a nifty little trinket as well. Congratulations!! You are now the envy of all druids who seek their Epic Flight Form!


Special thanks to Pandas and Taetaonka for helping me with Heroic Sethekk Halls. For a more detailed walk through version visit this link.