for mighty and the bold
legends will be made
once the fever takes hold.

Last night Pandas, my good friend Taetaonka and I started up a new 3v3 team. Good bye to “Eat More Crayolas” and say hello to the “Double Stuf Racing Leage.” I think we are the only arena team with our own theme song!


Yes, I know league is misspelled. I was so excited when I realized it wasn’t called the “Double Stuffed Oreo Racing League” (as previously thought) but just “Double Stuf Oreo League” that I completely overlooked the “u.” Newb! We got a good laugh out of it and it fits our team perfectly. After a few 14 games, Tae described it best by saying, “our team rating makes me sad.” We didn’t do so hot, in fact 1347 not hot. Though, the key to anything is having fun and that’s just what we did.