But where? My current guild is doing awesome in the raiding progression. They downed Kael for the first time and they took their first steps into Hyjal. I’m glad for their progression, but I’m going to be selfish and admit – I wish I was there. I haven’t really “raided” since November and I’m going through PvE withdrawal. I miss the excitement of running through an instance with 24 other people, working together with the same goal in mind. And there’s the loot, yes loot – why people PvE. Yes I PvP and I know the loot is the equivalent to PvE gear, but right now my personal rating sucks and I don’t see myself getting the kick ass bow I would love to have.

A lot of things have changed since November too. Some of my good friends/guildies have left the server, some of my friends have even quit the game for now. Even my good friend Pandas hasn’t renewed his subscription and his days of playing are slowly creeping to an end /cry. I see a common theme of people being “bored.” I’m still quite happy with WoW but even I find myself getting hit with the bored bug, but in my opinion it’s because I have no raids to look forward to.

It’s to the point that since most of my friends have or are leaving is it worth me venturing out onto a new server? After all Hellscream is way over populated and has been given the option for a free transfer. Or do I jump to a completely different server? Or do I rough it out on Hellscream with the few friends I have left and hope that I will eventually get a raid spot.

I was wondering if any of you have had the same issue that I’m dealing with or if you have ever transferred to a new server for the hopes of raiding.