Edit: Feel free to read this post but since patch 3.0 this guide is outdated.

I’m bored at work so I figured why not write something that the hunter community may appreciate. It’s my first guide, be nice.

So we are going to look at pets. I love them, you should love them – you’re a hunter!! From level 10 and on, your pet will, and should, be at your side. He, or she, is your best friend. You will laugh together, fight together, die together and probably wipe together. But not to worry, good friends stick together through thick and thin.

Alright. So you get the pet you always wanted – spider, lion, Tauren..whatever floats your boat. I bet your next question is, “how should I train my pet? Which points are worth getting?”

The best answer is, whatever your play-style is. Will this pet be your PvE buddy, holding your aggro/off tanking in raids? Or is this pet to be PvP focused? For example, having a pet with high fire resists was a must for raiding in MC but not so much when doing PvP. Looking at the instances you plan to raid, what types of damage the mobs tend to? High Resists in Fire/Frost may be worth looking into, also if you pet will be taking a lot of melee abuse you may consider looking into Natural Armor. If you are PvPing, perhaps maxing out your Shadow Resist and Nature Resist is the way to go.

To help you get a better understanding, we’ll take a look at my 3 pets. I have a Wolf, Cat and Scorpid. My Wolf, Kiba, is my PvE buddy while my Cat is used for PvP, and my Scorpid is mostly used for Arena.

Kiba (aka: Mist Howler)

Wolf Family – DPS 0%, Armor 5%, HP 0%
Rare Mob, Tamed at Level 22 in Ashenville
Skills Trained: Arcane Resistance 1 / Avoidance / Bite 9 / Cobra Reflexes / Dash 3 / Fire Resistance 2 / Frost Resistance 2 / Furious Howl 4 / Greater Stamina 8 / Growl 8 / Natural Armor 6 / Nature Resistance 1 / Shadow Resistance
Stats: Armor 9899 / HP 6380 / Power 661 / Damage 145-174 / DPS 103

Wolves and Worgs are considered to be “well-rounded.” With that being said, I chose to “well-round” his resistances (Arcane and Nature Resistance has 1 point in them because that’s where my left over training points went). Resistances only absorb spell damage the way armor absorbs melee damage. Stamina, in a sense, covers all aspects since it adds to Hit Points. Now I’m not going to say to train completely in Stamina and skip Armor and Resistances. Balance is the key.

Avoidance also helps with spell damage too, but it’s more of a talent to help you resist AoE attacks, while Cobra Reflexes boots your attack speed but lowers your dps some. Bite 9, a must, Dash 3.. not really necessary for PvE in my opinion but it helps your pet get to the mob a split second faster if soloing. Furious Howl 4, it’s an AoE damage buff. Sometimes you can’t trust the pathing in an instance so keeping him passive at my side a nice buff to the ranged DPSers. When I know it’s safe to release him onto a mob, I always do so.

Cat (aka: Humar the Pridelord)


Cat Family – DPS 10%, Armor 0%, HP -2%
Rare Mob, Tamed at Level 23 in The Barrens
Skills Trained: Arcane Resistance 3 / Avoidance / Claw 9 / Cobra Reflexes / Dash 3
Frost Resistance 3 / Greater Stamina 5 / Growl 8 / Nature Resistance 3 / Prowl 3
Shadow Resistance 3
Stats: Armor 9136 / HP 6125 / Power 661 / Damage 240-286 / DPS 171

Cat was specced with mostly BGs in mind, but I do like using him for arena. Once again, I balanced out his resistances with Frost, Nature, Shadow and Arcane mostly because I’m assuming the fact he’ll be CCed with Frost, Cyclone, Fear or Sheep. If he can resist that his DPS and extra attack speed boost from Cobra Reflexes and the instant attack of Claw will mess a clothie up pretty well. Also notice that cats can train in both bite and claw. I chose not to train in bite at all in order to boost Cat’s passive stats/resistances. Finally Prowl, but do I really need to go into why a Night Elf would have prowl on their pet? ^_~ Though Prowl is another example of a skill another person may not want to train in. NE’s like to get the jump on people, but if you’re a orc hunter you can’t stealth – it’s all in the play style.

Sasori (aka: Scorchshell Pincer)


Scorpid Family – DPS -6%, Armor 10%, HP 0%
Tamed at Level 68 in Shadowmoon Valley
Stats Trained: Arcane Resistance 1 / Avoidance / Claw 9 / Cobra Reflexes / Fire Resistance 1 / Frost Resistance 1 / Greater Stamina 4 / Growl 8 / Nature Resistance 1 / Nature Reistance 5 / Scorpid Poison 5 / Shadow Resistance 5
Stats: Armor 9853 / HP 6220 / Power 661 / Damage 136-163 / DPS 97

Sasori was caught and trained specifically for Arena. His stats are geared for Arena. Nature and Shadow Resists are maxed for Fear and Cyclone. The other three resistances are just left over points again. Scorpid Poison is very important because it stacks. It’s a great tactic to use when fighting a Pally. Scorpid Poisons + Viper Sting will only make him burn through his Mana faster since Scorpid Poison reapplies it’s stack every time it’s cleansed. In other words, one cleans won’t remove 5 Scorpid Poisons.. just 1 of them. Great distraction. I debated getting claw, but I decided that having it wasn’t such a bad thing. Though Sasori’s DPS is low, claw will at least cause some interrupts on a caster – probably enough just to tick them off and keep the caster off me and my team mates.

Also you want to keep pet scaling in mind. This was a very nice bump for hunters which was given to us a few patches back. In a nutshell your stats will also effect your pets stats a bit too:

  • 40% Resistances
  • 30% Stamina
  • 50% Armor Class
  • Ranged Attack Power to Pet Attack Power
  • 12.5% Ranged Attack Power to Pet Spell Damage

(We hunters are hoping that Blizz will also add Resilience to this list as well. /crosses fingers) This may or may not affect where you put your training points, but it’s great information to know. Now, I hope that I did not bore you all and that you found this to be helpful. I’m not saying “THIS IS HOW YOU SHOULD SPEC YOUR PETS YOU DANG N00B” but rather this is how I roll. I am open to comments and suggestions and I appreciate you reading my post if you made it this far.