…Wulfy’s back tell a friend.

Yes folks I am back in game and I’m loving it! With my new machine (pictures soon to come) Warcraft is a billion times better to look at. First thing I did in WoW after I logged in is going to my video settings and cranking everything up. I spent about 10 min just staring at all the detail, drooling on my lap and saying, “oooooo ~ aaahhhhhhhhh ~ puuuuuuuuuurteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…” (okay, not really)

After I got my fix I turned some things back down like ground clutter and stuff like that – but my graphics are still amazing. I’ll try to see if I can find some before and after screenshots.

So what’s the first thing I did when I got back. Other than that “oh-so-important” Guild Face time, I decided on PvPing, of course! I picked up the daily (WSG) and headed out. Much to my surprise, my Alliance pug worked great together and we won. I even had heals! After finishing my WSG run I headed toward the bank where a Undead Rogue tried to gank me. :gasp: of all people? Especially since I had my pet out and all my PvP gear on. I guess he thought I was an easy target. Unfortunately for him, I’m not. Scatter shot to the face and a snake trap at his feet sent him running away in the opposite direction. Oh, and did I mention that I also sport a pair of these? Sorry Mr. Rogue no hiding from me. I popped him out of hiding a few times before I got bored with him. I figured that I may as well try out PvP on my newly 70 Druid.

And I suck at it! lol

I can’t DPS those PvP geared out Hordes for nothing. Pandas pointed out that my 63 gear won’t cut it – heh. It’s going to be a long and slow road for Foxx to get geared out PvP style. Right now I’m going to take my time PvPing with her and try to get my 75k in Honor for the next Arena season. I did the PvP grind with Wulf and it drained me.

Tonight I’m hoping to get in a quick 3 games with Pandas in Arena. I can hardly wait!