Computer update!! I finally got home around 6:30ish and was dog tired. I had my hubby carry the monstrous box up to our spare room where I didn’t even open it till after 10pm. The computer is a huge beast!

First off was the “awesome” Alienware fitted ball cap they gave me. I got a good laugh from the cap because it made a perfect replacement for a special hat we had at work. The infamous KZEP hat was accidentally “basura-ed” and the guys at work were never the same. Along with the cap was my new keyboard and mouse. Feh. I didn’t want or need these items and I probably could have saved a few bucks if I had the option not to order them.

Next was the CPU and holy cats it’s huge! I figured it would be big, but the pictures on their website are decieving since they photograph it at an angle. The detail and craft of just the case is impressive in itself. I had no idea that the alien heads that were shown on the case were actually 3-dimensional and you can’t look past the fact the front panel looks like the Predator. It seems that if you buy an Alienware computer, the company wants you to flaunt their product making you the envy of every gamer out there.

Once everything was set up to my liking, I booted that bad boy up. I am shocked as how quiet something that big is. Now to the good part, the first thing I installed was my Virus/Anti-spyware software, which took about 10 min. Next, of course, was Warcraft. Installed the first set of disks, not a problem, installed BC disks and I freeze up on disk 2/4. Ugh. By now it’s getting late and I’m incredibly tired and I said “screw it” and went to bed.

This morning before work I finished my installation of WoW and logged on really fast to make sure I could get on. So far so good. Tonight I’ll be installing all my addons and messing with my video settings. I can’t wait to venture out with that thing.

*and the title of my blog is the name of a song by the group Clutch.