My goal I set a week ago was to hit 70 by Sunday. It seemed feasible and I didn’t have to stay up all hours of the night grinding for it.

Saturday I hardly played, unless you want to call checking the Auction House playing.

Sunday rolled around and I was about 5 boxes into 69 and I had roughly 5 boxes of rested XP. I flagged myself LFG since I had a couple of Dungeon quests (2 in Shadow Labs and 1 in Auchenai Crypts) and I focused on my goal by grinding out my Nagrand quests. Eventually I recieved a call, “Can you tank?”

“Why sure can tank,” and the group invite popped up on my screen. This PUG was in Shadow Labs, /shudder, but on their way to the 3rd boss. Sweet news to me! I hate the 2nd room in Shadow Labs and my quests begin at the 3rd boss anyway. This should be a fast run.


Of course we get stuck on the 3rd boss. I loathe him most of all. After the 2nd attempt our warrior tells us he’s horrible at DPSing because he’s Prot. Whaaa? Why aren’t you tanking? >.<! I ask the warrior if he feels comfortable tanking if I went Kitty DPS. He accepts the role and I begin to explain to the Warrior what he has to do during the fight.

It took him a few attempts at pulling, too fast – too slow, pulling through blueberries, eek! Eventually got to the point where our Shammy and Rogue swapped out their toons for their Mage alts and I had to go back to tanking. My 3rd attempt at pulling we finally beat him. He drops the Wrathfire Hand Cannon. Pally cries, I laugh and we are off to Murmur.

For some reason, our 2nd Mage (who was the Rogue) didn’t understand the term “re-sheep.” Amazingly we didn’t wipe, even with the Warrior who often ran up to grab mobs before I could even mark. We get to Murmur and my guildie begins to explain the fight when the Warrior runs over to the First Key Fragment and opens it. WTF?!? I told him that we were going to do the Key Frag after the fight and all he says is “Sorry, I didn’t know.” /em rolls eyes.

Back to Murmur, long story short – 5 wipes. I finally look up at the clock and realize, that I’ve been at this for over an hour while the group have been at it for over 2 hours! ZOMG!?! My guildie sends me a tell saying he can’t take it any more and he “DC’s” out. I flat out tell the group that I have to go, give them all a final Druid buff and I hearth back to Nagrand.

Whew. I go back to a few more Nagrand quests and log with 3 boxes left to go.

9pm Server – I try to log on. Hellscream is down. Whaaa? I check out the forums and other realm servers they are down too. Someone broke WoW!! How am I supposed to hit 70? It was about a half hour later and all the servers were back up and running. Back to ol’ Nagrand when I get an invite for A.Crypts. Sweet!

Incredibly, we run the instance in about a half hour. Our group attempts a second run but people started logging. It was getting late. I thank everyone for the fun, turn in my quests and start pounding out my last 3 boxes.

A few quests later:


Pandas asked me how it felt to have my 2nd level 70 after two years? I described it as a feeling of “ahhh..finally.”

Foxx was my first Warcraft toon, but I stopped leveling her at 42 and began Wulf. I fell in love with Wulf and never looked back. Now that I got Foxx leveled up, I look forward to getting her Epic Flight quest and trying out some PvP with her. At the moment, I don’t plan on raiding with Foxx, but I will get her keyed for Karazhan at least.

So what am I don’t tonight? Taking a break and spending some QT time with the hubby. ❤