Last night I finally was able to contact my GM to chat with him. He’s a really great fellow and super friendly. In fact, after my chat with him I went to check my mail and I had discovered that he sent me a note earlier checking up on me. What more could you ask for?

picture-9-copy.pngOur conversation was alright. He first asked how my computer was doing, which I informed him that I had to order a new computer and I should be up and running the first week of February. Then I decided to breach the subject of raiding. Knowing that we had a raiding hunter leave the guild I was still very hopeful. Unfortunately, he told me that they still don’t have a raiding slot for me. The guild raiders are working on Tempest Keep now and they really need the AOE damage for the Kael’thas Sunstrider fight.

I then asked if it would be okay if I kept up the raiders by working on my BT attunement. I still need to defeat Al’ar for the step, Ruse of the Ashtongue. He replied, “Absolutely.”

At least I am still be able to progress on my Black Temple Keying. Hopefully if they run SSC or another world boss there may be the chance that I could be invited for those.

But /sigh I hate waiting. In the mean time, I would like to really focus and try to get the best gear that I can. However, I have no clue as what I should be aiming for. Do I stick with working on Season 3 gear? Do I need to be running more Heroics for badges and hopeful gear drops? I’m not really sure. Any of you have any suggestions?

Last night I checked the DPS of my “PvE” gear vs my PvP gear on Dr. Boom. If I did it correctly, my PvE gear (low end level 70 drops and mostly Kara gear) seemed to do better but not by much. I was in the low 500s in my PvP gear while in the mid 500s in my PvE gear. I do plan on running another test but it will need to wait until I get my new computer. My mac seemed to lag while I was running my tests and I don’t know how accurate my test really was.