Last night’s Arena Attempt went pretty well. Besides the 17 minute wait queues, we managed to get 1 game in. I didn’t seem to lag too much on the laptop and we ended up beating a team and getting 14 points out of it. Go-go team rating! Unfortunately Pandas nor I will be getting any points because we didn’t feel like spending an hour and a half just waiting for 10 games.

I tried to get some guild face time in while I was on Wulf as well. Since my computer woes, I haven’t logged onto Wulf as much and I really need that ever so important face time. My GM has yet to talk to me about things regarding raiding. Since, Tuesday nights are “off” nights for my guild so I may try to pin him down to chat. I’m hoping that my computer failure isn’t damaging my chances of getting in to raid. Things were looking so good at the start of the year too. Curses!

Shifting gears, I figured since I wasn’t going to Arena on Wulf might as well level the alt. While I was on my druid, I tried to talk to a friend to see how the guild meeting went. Keep in ming Wulf is in a new guild while Foxx is in my old guild. It seems in the pasts 2 weeks there has been a mass exit of people. It seems what I saw a few months ago people are starting to see now. It’s really sad but it’s what happens when recruiting is lax and the guild becomes filled with selfish people. From what I gathered to what I assumed, The Chosen Few still plans on continuing but they will be more at a lax pace. Honestly, any more lax and that guild will be moving backwards.

I’ve debated on pulling Foxx out and getting her invited into Sanctum, but I’m debating to hold off until I’m 70 or doing it now.

Shifting gears again, I can’t tell you how nice Flight Form is. No more aggroing mobs trying to quest from one place to another. It’s a straight zip in and zip out. I knocked about 5 quests out in a matter of minutes. However, one of my quests, Missing Friends, seemed to be bugged. I was able to free about 7/12 kids but after that, any cage I opened didn’t register for me. I even tried following all the kids out of the zone till they disappeared. Nothing. I wasted 4 keys just trying to figure out how to get the last 4 Kids to show up. >.< I’m hoping that I’ll be able to finish that quest along with a few others tonight as well as adding another 4-5 boxes filled in my grind to 70.