…into the fuuuutureeeeee~

Ding! I hit 68 on my Druid. It feels like a HUGE accomplishment. Not only do I have my free flight form but I’m 2 more levels away from 70. I never really thought I’d ever see the day where my first toon (who was my main) actually hit 70. Another milestone was hit last night by reaching 375 in mining. I love it! If only I didn’t have so much time and money invested into getting 375 Enchanting with Wulf, I would have dropped enchanting like a hot potato. It so nice being able to farm for all my own Engineering mats now. No more being at the mercy of over priced bars of Fel Iron or Adamantite.

Tonight Pandas and I are going to try our luck with 2v2 Arena. Our 5v5 seems to be falling apart and we’re both trying to finish our our arena sets. It may take a little longer with 2v2 but we are in the works of getting a 3v3 soon. Last time I tried to run 5v5 on my laptop, things didn’t work out as well as expected. I lagged most of the time, though I did manage to get in at least 3 games. I’m hoping with 2v2 it won’t be as bad – 6 less people my computer needs to render out. Worst case scenario, we’ll just lose our 10 games and collect our points. I hate doing that but it’s the only way to keep a flow of arena points.